War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1186 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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legal heirs of recruits who die in service shall be entitled to receive the whole bounty remaining unpaid at the time of the soldier's death.

7. The Pay Department of the Army is hereby charged with all payments (final dues under original enlistments, advanced pay, and bounties) of the troops discharged and remustered as directed in this order. The final payments under the original enlistments will be made on the muster-out rolls.

The amount of the total payment on remuster will be made in accordance with the general principles set forth in General Orders, Numbers 163, current series. Consolidated receipt rolls, referred to in the said order, will be certified to by the commissary or assistant commissary of musters charged with the remuster of the veteran volunteers into service. The payments on discharge, and those dues on remuster, will be made at the same time, and in full, immediately after the men are remustered into the service.

II. Commanders of armies and departments are hereby charged with the faithful execution of this order, and will issue such instructions under it as in their opinion will best secure the object in view. Troops to be discharged and remustered will be reported by the proper commanders, through Army or Department Headquarters, to the Paymaster-General. The reports will be made at a date such as will avoid delay in the payments being made.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Colonel JAMES B. FRY,

Provost-Marshal-General, Washington, D. C.:

SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the reception of your telegram of the 14th instant stating that my letter of the 12th instant was not sufficiently definite for full action, soliciting a reply, and requesting me to be more explicit, &c.

In answer, allow me to say, in the first place, I have no complaints to make against the General Government, for it is my honest conviction that they have endeavored to co-operate with me and the State authorities generally in carrying out all proper measures to facilitate enlistments.

In your letter of the 23rd of September last, addressed to Major O. A. Mack (a copy of which was sent me), you say:

The experience of the State officers in recruiting volunteers will doubtless enable them to suggest to you those men heretofore connected with the recruiting service who will be best qualified to carry out the views of the Department in this particular. On this point I desire you to be careful to secure and give consideration to the views of the Governor and his adjutant- general.

Also, in your letter of the 10th of November last, written to General Hinks (a copy of which I have before me), you say:

You will co-operate fully with the State authorities in carrying out whatever they may consider advisable to secure the filling of their quota.

Again, in your letter of the 10th of November last, addressed to General Hinks, you say:

In filing the quota of volunteers called for by the President's proclamation of October 17, 1863, it is the desire of this Bureau that the Governors of States from which troops are required shall take the leading part in the work.