War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1183 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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under the first resolution, and also for such amount as the adjutant-general shall expend under the second resolution, upon being satisfied by competent testimony that the amounts presented to him for payment were actually and necessarily expended for these purposes and none other.


I, E. L. Van Winkle, Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and keeper of the archives thereof, do hereby certify that the foregoing printed resolutions contain a correct and full copy of resolutions entitled "Resolutions on Relation to Military Enrollment," &c., approved December 22, 1863, as the same appears on the enrolled resolutions on file in my office.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my name and signature and affixed the seal of my office.

Done at Frankfort on this the 22nd day of December, 1863, and in the seventy-second year of the Commonwealth.


Secretary of State.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington City, December 22, 1863.


That Major-General Gillmore, commanding the Department of the South, be, and he is hereby, authorized:

1. To enlist and organize all the colored troops that can be recruited in his department, the said enlistments to be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the service and of the War Department relating to the organization of colored troops, and such further orders as may from time to time be given by the Department.

2. General Gillmore is authorized to appoint a board for the examination of white persons to officer the regiments and companies so raised by him, and to make provisional appointments of the persons passed by said board and appointed by him, reporting their names to this Department for its approval, and if approved, such persons will be commissioned by the President, as in other cases of colored troops. He may also appoint a mustering officer, and have the officers and men mustered in at such times as he may deem proper.

3. The troops so raised may consist of infantry, cavalry, and artillery, and in such proportions as General Gillmore may deem most beneficial for the service, their pay and allowance to be in accordance with the act of Congress and the rules and regulations of the service respecting colored troops, but a bounty may be allowed not to exceed the sum of $10, payable out of the fund for procuring substitutes, as in the case of recruits in the Department of Virginia.

4. All other authorities for raising colored troops within the department aforesaid shall be subject to the direction of Major- General Gillmore until further order.

5. That General Gillmore is authorized under the foregoing regulations to procure recruits from Key West or in the States of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama; not, however, so as to interfere with the engineer service at Key West.

6. All the colored troops now in the Department of the South, or that may be recruited therein, or that shall be sent forward, may be organized in such brigades, divisions, and corps as General Gillmore