War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1182 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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P. S.-It is due the Adjutant-General's Office to add that careful attention has been given to the subject of credits for the respective States. With the view of having the records of the State and the War Department agree, the respective Governors were asked by circular of September 3, 1863, to furnish this office quarterly with a statement of troops furnished by their respective States. For the quarter ending September 30 no reply from Kentucky to the circular has been received, and therefore it was not until the receipt of the Governor's letter of the 21st instant that the number claimed by the State since June 30 was known.

A point made by the Governor of Kentucky is that the quotas assigned to that State in 1861 and 1862, on the basis of population (census of 1860), were too large, from eh fact that many of their men had left the State and joined the rebellion.

I think this point is well taken, and it accounts in part for the fact that some of the border States are deficient on former calls.

I think it would be only just to consider the quotas assigned to Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and West Virginia on the basis of population as reduced by the difference between the quota thus assigned and that now ascertained by the enrollment.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,





Mr. J. J. Landram, Military Affairs, reported a preamble and resolutions as a substitute for certain bills referred to said committee; which were debated, amended, and then passed. They read as follows, viz:

Whereas, in consequence of the hasty manner in which the troops of Kentucky were furnished, and the irregular manner in which inexperienced officers received volunteers-some regiments sent into the service partly full and afterward filled while in the field-a discrepancy of several thousands exists between the number of men actually furnished by Kentucky and the number credited to her in the Adjutant-General's Office at Washington:

And whereas, from the irregularities aforesaid there are thousands of men in the service from Kentucky for whom the adjutant-general of Kentucky cannot give descriptive lists, because they are not, as they ought to be, in his office;

And whereas, it is occurring every week that widows and orphans are sending to the adjutant-general of Kentucky for descriptive lists of their husbands and fathers, who have fallen in the service, for the purpose of obtaining bounties, back pay, and pensions, yet they cannot be furnished: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the Governor is requested to send an agent to the President and request a postponement of the impending draft until the discrepancy between the officers of the Adjutant-Generals of the United States and Kentucky can be adjusted, and the number of men for which Kentucky is entitled to be credited be ascertained.

Second. That the adjutant-general of Kentucky is hereby directed to take immediate steps to procure, and file in his office, full and complete descriptive lists of all the soldiers Kentucky has furnished the General Government during the present war.

Third. That the Governor is hereby directed to pay the same out of the military fund, for the amount he may cause to be expended