War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1143 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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superintendence over all the colored people of this department; and all other superintendents of negro affairs shall report to Lieutenant-Colonel Kinsman, who is acting for the commanding general in this behalf.

All the territory of Virginia south of the James River shall be under the superintendence of Captain Orlando Brown, assistant quartermaster. All the territory north of James River shall be under the superintendence of Captain Charles B. Wilder, assistant quartermaster. The District of North Carolina shall be under the superintendence of the Rev. Horace James, chaplain.

Each superintendent shall have the power to select and appoint such assistant superintendents for such sub-districts in his district as may be necessary, to be approved by the commanding general such appointments to be confirmed by the commanding general.

The pay of such assistant, if a civilian, shall in no case exceed the pay of a first-class clerk in the Quartermaster's Department.

It shall be the duty of each superintendent under the direction of the general superintendent, to take care of the colored inhabitants of his district, not slaves, under the actual control of a loyal master in his district (and in all questions arising as to freedom or slavery of any colored person, the presumption shall be that the man, woman or child is free or has claimed protection of the military authorities of the United States, which entitles the claimant to freedom); to cause an accurate census to be taken of colored inhabitants in his district and their employments; to cause all to be proved with necessary shelter, clothing, food, and medicines, to see that all able to work shall have some employment and that such employment shall be industriously pursued; to see that in all contracts for labor or other things made by the negroes with white persons the negro is not defrauded, and to annul all contracts made by the negro which are unconscionable and injurious and that such contracts as are fulfilled by the negro shall be paid; to take charge of all lands and all property allotted, turned over or given to the use of the negro, whether by Government or by charity; to keep accurate accounts of the same and of all expenditure; to audit all accounts of the negroes against Government and to have all proper allowances made as well to the negro as the Government and to have all claims put in train for pappyment by the Government to keep accurate accounts of all expenses of the negro to the Government, and of his earnings for the Government; to see that the negroes who have wrought on land furnished by the Government on shares shall have their just portion and to aid in disposing of the same for the best good of the negro and Government; to make quarterly returns and exhibits of all accounts of maters committed to them; and to hold all moneys arising from the surplus earnings of the negro over the expenditures by the United States, for the useer orders from these headquarters.

XII. It appearing to the commanding general that some of the labor done by the negroes in this department remains unpaid-some for the space of more than two years, although contracts were duly made by the proper officers of the Government for the payment thereof-whereby the faith of the negro in the justice of the Government is impaired and the trust in its protection is weakened: It is ordered, That each superintendent shall be a commissioner, to audit all such accounts, procure evidence of their validity make out accurate pay-rolls and return the same, so that they may be presented for adjustment to the proper Departments: Provided, however, That no sale of