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The following articles were purchased during the time from July 1, 1863, to September 30, 1863: 43,927 horses, 6,899 mules, 4 oxen, 1,252 army wagons, 160 light wagons, 40 ambulances, 4,597 wheel harness, and 6,000 lead harness. There were captured during the same time 5,604 horses, 2,398 mules, 31 oxen, 208 army wagons, 61 ambulances, 1,103 wheel harness, and 1,533 lead harness. In all, amounting to 49,531 horses, 9,297 mules, 35 oxen, 1,470 army wagons, 160 light wagons, 101 ambulances, 5,700 wheel harness, and 7,533 lead harness.

There were sold, lost by captured and death, destroyed, &c., during the same time, 17,989 horses, 5,582 mules, and 101 oxen.

The amount of transportation furnished during the fiscal year is as follows:

Of subsistence stores by land, 784,833 barrels and kegs, 17,654 cattle-146,594 1/2 tons. Of subsistence stores by water, 4,478,143 barrels and kegs, 102,914 cattle-174,217 1/6 tons.

Of ordnance stores by land, 354,659 barrels and kegs, 883 guns, &c.- 72,776 11/20 tons. Of ordnance stores by water, 386,756 barrels and kegs, 1,093 guns, &c. - 78,088 11/12 tons.

Of quartermaster's stores by land, 430,66 barrels and packages, 126,584 animals, 39,354 tons forage, fuel, &c, and 437,354 4/5 tons. Of quartermaster's stores by water, 753,569 barrels and packages, 109,009 animals, 88,438 tons of forage, fuel, &c., and 753,144 3/20 tons.

There were 1,264,602 troops transported during the year by land, and 567,397 troops transported during the year by water.

The amounts paid for the above transportation were; By land, $8,030,003.03; by lakes and rivers, $9,476,681,73.; and by ocean, $4,798,385.02.

Among the numerous miscellaneous articles purchased during the fiscal year the following are reported; 214,718 cords wood, 6 steam vessels, 64 locomotives, 899 freight cars, 196 medicine wagons, 39,412,- 889 feet lumber, 56,500 bricks, 1,436,566 pounds nails, 18,211 chains, 922 1/2 tons iron, 2,078,530 horseshoes, 236,288 pounds horseshoe nails, 414,700 pounds leather, 548,044 pounds rope, 17,969 saddle blankets, 4,273 pack-saddles, 235,497 wagon covers.

There have been employed in the Quartermaster's Department during the fiscal year 32 ships, 42 brigs, 46 barges, 554 schooners, 4 sloops, 72 propellers, 88 steam-tugs, 12 ferry-boats, 13 tow- boats, 649 barges, and 1,222 steamers; for the earnings of which there has been paid the amount of $17,788,043.53.

The foregoing are but approximations, based upon the reports received as there are a number of officers, of the department who have not responded to General Orders, No. 13, of the Quartermaster-General, calling for reports for the fiscal year; consequently a full exhibit cannot at this time be made.

Your attention is respectfully invited to the reports of Brigadier General D. H. Rucker, chief quartermaster, depot of Washington;* Colonel Elias M. Greene, chief quartermaster Department of Washington; Colonel D. C. McCallum, military director and superintendent of U. S. railroads; + Colonel Anson Stager, assistant quartermaster and general superintendent of U. S. military telegraph;# Colonel Lewis B. Parsons, assistant quartermaster and chief of transportation, Department of the Missouri; @ as well as to those of other officers charged with extra and important duties, as containing much valuable information.


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