War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1103 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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I left Pittsburg in special train at noon and was landed in Erie at 9 p.m.

Colonel Burton was sent to Belmont County to hasten forward the troops from that section. Griffith's company, increased by a dozen men of the camp of drafted men, in all about seventy men, arrived in Erie soon after midnight.

Captain Gruntz, with a large company from Camp Copeland and the men of Knap's battery, under Lieutenant Harris, arrived on the 13th; Colonel Burton, with the four companies, 339 aggregate, from Belmont, on the 14th. They were delayed by transportation not being ready. Captain Kemp arrived from Lawrence County on the 15th.

Lieutenant Brown's company did not get up until the rest of the troops were being sent home. In all, some 500 men were collected from a distance of 250 miles, and all save Griffith's and Gruntz's men scattered and engaged in civil pursuits.

Having more troops than were needed and could be well accommodated, I offered some to General Dix, who thankfully accepted the use of Captain Gruntz's company, drafted men, that went to Buffalo early on Monday morning, the 16th.

This company was the only organization of troops, save twenty- five men of the Invalid Corps with forty cartridges, that was in Buffalo.

A small field-work commanding the entrance to the harbor of Erie was laid out by Colonel Burton, and worked upon with commendable zeal by the citizens.

There appearing no particular emergency or need of the troops, on Wednesday morning Lieutenant Harris" company, on Thursday morning the four companies from Belmont on Friday Griffith's and Kemp's companies, were sent home. Captain Gruntz's was recalled also on Friday.

I am induced to make this report more to show the success of the Department Corps, though few in number, as a means of defense than anything else.

Very respectfully,



Strength of the Department Corps at date of muster in, no later return being on file.


Date of Commis Enliste

muster in. sioned d men.




Captain Joseph P. Arrick's Aug. 19 3 91


Captain Hamilton Eaton's Aug. 18 3 83


Captain Joh Henderson's Aug. 17 3 89


Captain Samuel Beard's company Aug. 28 3 85

Captain J. R. Kemp's company Aug. 28 3 83

Captain J. L. Deens" company July 16 3 98

First Lieutenant J. C. Oct. 15 1 42

Porter's company

First Lieutenant J. M. Brown's June 24 1 41


Recruits for Arrick's company Oct. 15 - 6

Recruits for Henderson's Sept. 18 - 7


Recruits for Brown's company July 8 - 11

Do Nov. 25 - 8

Do Aug. 13 - 18