War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1095 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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including the payment of bounties and premiums, and should report to the Provost-Marshal-General recruits are ready to join their regiments.

Seventh. "Cities and other localities furnishing volunteers shall have credit for them on the present or any future draft." Credit cannot now be given on the "present" draft, but all the volunteers furnished by cities or other localities will be duly credited on the draft fixed for January 5, 1864.

The substance of the seven preceding propositions submitted by His Excellency Governor Curtin in his letter dated November 24 were communicated to him by me in a letter to Colonel Bomford dated November 7. Each proposition was agreed to by me in about the same terms that I have now suggested. This arrangement has been in operation for some time in other States and is producing favorable results. The expediency of using the agency of the State authorities for the raising of men in the State has been fully recognized, and that agency has been invoked in Pennsylvania by letters from me dated September 21. October 20, November 10, and by the President's proclamation of October 17, 1863.



NASHVILLE, November 24, 1863.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

We have raised several companies and other are being organized for one-year's service. These men are rendering and will render valuable service at this time to the Government. I hope the Secretary of War will instruct any mustering officer who may be at this place to muster them into the service of the United States. If the mustering officer could be instructed to go to the points where these men are organized it would save much time and expose in getting them into service.


Military Governor.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington City, November 24, 1863.



The Adjutant-General has been directed to insure instructions to mustering officers as requested in your telegram received this evening.


Secretary of War.

BOSTON, November 25, 1863.

Honorable E. M. STATON:

Colored cavalry must be counted to our under present call, and officers must be commissioned by me and regiment organized as was the Fifty-fourth Regiment, to enable me to pay the large State bounty to the regiment as Massachusetts Volunteers. This is of absolutely importance. Major Foster sends me an order which is in effect to raise U. S. colored troops, but I can only pay Massachusetts Volunteers. The question of U. S. pay does not trouble, because our