War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1088 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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when on duty; but such recruiting officer shall only be paid for the time when he is actively employed in recruiting.

6. The fund created by these premiums shall cover all charges for local subsistence and transportation to the country superintendent of recruiting.

7. The policy of the Legislature being to make bounties uniform throughout the Commonwealth, no part of these premiums can be added to bounties offered to recruits; but any portion of the premium fund unexpended by any town in the actual service of recruitment will be the subject of a future order.


I. You will receive all recruits who may be delivered to you by the selectmen of the towns and the mayors of the cities within your district, and will provide for their subsistence while they remain under your care, for which 30 cents per day for each recruit will be allowed.

II. Whenever recruiting officers deliver recruits to you you will require that they deliver also the three copies of the enlistment contract of each recruit, filled out and certified according to their instructions.

III. You will as often as practicable forward to the nearest camp of rendezvous all the recruits under your charge, and with them two copies of the enlistment contract of each recruit. you will also send duplicate descriptive lists, giving a full description of each recruit, one of which lists will be delivered to the officer commanding the rendezvous; the other will be receipted by said officer and returned to you by the officer in command of the squad.

IV. At the expiration of each week you will send to the adjutant-general of the State a descriptive list of all recruits received by your since your last report, also the retained copy of each recruit's enlistment contract which you have sent to the camp of rendezvous.

V. You will visit frequently the several towns in your district and see that recruiting officers are attending to their duties. The mayors and aldermen of cities and the selectmen of the several towns of this State in performing the duty assigned to them under General Orders, Numbers 32, from these headquarters, will be governed by the following regulations:

1. You will not allow any man to be deceived or inveigled into service by false representations, but will unpersons explain the nature of the service, the length of the term, the pay, clothing, rations, and other allowances to which a soldier is entitled by law to every man before he signs the enlistment.

2. The conditions of enlistment will be such are prescribed by the Army Regulations. You will enlist no person under the age of twenty-one years without the written consent of his parent or guardian, which written consent must be produced when the recruits are mustered into the service of the Untied States. You will enlist no man whose ago shall exceed forty-five years, or be less than eighteen years, and none but able-bodied men-being precise in your inquiries in this respect- but the regulation in respect to age and height does not extend to musicians. (State the height.)

3. Enlistments must in all cases be made in triplicate. Three copies must be delivered to the superintendent of recruiting service for your district, at the principal depot for recruits, whenever recruits are sent there by you.