War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1087 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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quarters of each will be established at a place most convenient to the majority of the inhabitants of the county.

The municipal recruiting official will furnish twice in each week to the superintendent of recruiting for their country a descriptive list of the men enlisted by them upon blanks furnished by the adjutant-general.

The superintendent of recruiting will make a consolidated report to the adjutant-general on Saturday of each week, and state

therein the camp of rendezvous and the date when each recruit was reported by him at such camp. He will also send to the camp of rendezvous, upon blanks to be furnished by the adjutant-general,one of which will be signed by the commandant of the camp and returned to the superintendent for the enemy.

III. There are two camps only under the recruiting system of this State--one at Readville and one at Worcester. Recruits for regiments and batteries in the field reported at either of these camps will be sent daily from them to Major Clarke, the assistant provost-marshal for Massachusetts, to be taken to Long Island, in Boston Harbor, where they will be mustered into the service of the United States and sent forward to their destinations.

Recruits for the new veteran organizations will remain in the camps and be mustered according to the orders of the War Department when their respective companies are up to the minimum strength.

Detailed instructions will be issued to the recruiting officers and the superintendents of recruiting, and all blanks will be furnished from these headquarters, which alone must be used.

IV. It is arranged with the Department of War that the premiums of $15 each for raw recruits and $25 each for veterans shall be paid through and under the direction of the Governor of this Commonwealth, and not otherwise, in order that the same may be so used as to promote enlistments only, and in no sense for private emoluments of any person. And it is therefore ordered by the Governor, as touching such premiums:

1. That the same are hereby constituted and declared a special fund for the promotion of recruiting the quota of volunteers of each city and town, respectively.

2. Each city and town, respectively, shall be paid, from time to time, as the funds may be provided therefor by the War Department, such premiums as it may have earned, which will be according to the number of accepted recruits it shall have furnished under the new call.

3. The payments will be made to the city or town treasurer, to be used only for the reimbursement to the town or city of such expenditures as it shall have incurred or may thereafter incur under the direction of the municipal government or any duly appointed committee of such town or city in and about the work of recruiting its contingent.

4. The compensation of the local recruiting officer or officers in each city or town shall be fixed, and their expenses shall be audited by the mayors and city councils of cities and the inhabitants of towns in town tively, or by committees duly appointed and authorized by such municipal governments for that purpose.

5. The compensation of the local recruiting officer in each herwise ordered by the town, shall be the per diem compensation usually allowed in such town to the chairman of selectmen