War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1065 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Paragraph 43. To substitute 'second and third" for "first and second."

Paragraph 47. To substitute for the paragraph "overriding or malposition involving all the toes."

Paragraph 50. To omit "having clusters of knots, and."

On motion, it was unanimously.

Resolved, That the committee, apart from the alterations above suggested, fully approves the list of disqualifications, regarding its provisions as humane, judicious, and based upon the soundest experience.

Also resolved, That the secretary of the committee he instructed to forward a minute of the proceedings of this meeting to the Surgeon-General of the U. S. Army for the use of the Provost- Marshal-General.


President of the Committee,



Extract of a letter from Dr. Henry I. Bowdith.

BOSTON, Augusta 25, 1863.

MY DEAR SIR: If I have seemed dilatory in answering your letter it is because I wanted to think carefully before writing.

The more I consider the matter, and the more I place the questions before my professional brethren, the less do we find to diminish the number of causes of disability. It if Government wants "ablebodied" men, it will have to hunt for them now, especially since the process of drafting has commenced.

* * * *

I have, at your request, jotted down a few suggestions on your present list of disabilities. I will now name them:

Numbers 6. I should make more definite as to amount of and character of the disease, parts affected, contagiousness or not; whether scaly or otherwise. Psoriasis, of course less offensive than eczema or impetigo, &c.

11. Query: If serve periodically occurring 'sick headaches" and vomiting should afflict a man, should it not be allowed?

13. I should say the loss of either eye ought to exempt.

14. Myopia will plague the examining surgeon more than anything else. Doctor Derby (my expert) writes that he thinks a vast number will escape who ought to go; and, vice versa, others will go who will shoot at a bluecoat quite as quickly as at a butternut.

16. Total deafness of even one ear, I think, should exempt.

22. More definiteness, if possible.

26. I doubt whether many would go of whom you required "the two inches," at least during common examination. The distance from sternum to spine (i. e., flatness of chest) is quite as important as the circumference.

37. A little more definiteness in regard to date of injury, amount of habitual lameness, to be known under oath from unprejudiced citizens.

* * * *

Ever faithfully, your,