War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1035 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Boards shall proceed to examine the proof of title, and, if valid, shall give a certificate of enlistment and descriptive list, as provided in paragraph V.

VIII. The Board shall award to the owner of each slave enlisted a just compensation for his services, not exceeding the sum of $ 300, upon the presenting by said owner of the certificate of enlistment and filling a valid deed of manumission and of release, and making satisfactory proof of title. Provided: First. That no person who is or has been engaged in rebellion against the Government of the United States, or who has in any way given or shall give aid or comfort to the enemies of the Government, shall be awarded any compensation for the services of any slaves enlisted into the service of the United States.

Second. That no compensation shall be awarded for the services of any slave who has at any time during the present rebellion belonged to any person who has been in rebellion or given aid or comfort to the enemies of the Goverll claimants shall file with their claims an oath of allegiance to the Government of the United States.

IX. The Board shall give the claimant a certificate of the sum awarded, which, on presentation, will be paid by the chief of the Bureau for Organizing Colored Troops.

X. Enlistments will be made under the direction of the provost- marshal-general of the department, by the district and assistant provost-marshals, and by no other persons.

XI. Triplicate descriptive lists will be made out in every case upon printed forms to be furnished from the Provost-Marshal- General's Office. One copy to be sent by mail to the Provost- Marshal-General, another copy to be sent with the recruits to the rendezvous, and the third copy to be given to the owner of the person enlisted if said enlisted person be a slave. If the enlisted person be free or his owner unknown the third copy of the descriptive list will also be sent to the Provost-Marshal- General.

XII. Each provost-marshal shall keep a record of all enlistments made by him of the same form as the descriptive roll.

XIII. All recruits will be sent to Saint Louis in parties, in charge of an officer or non-commissioned officer, who will also have charge of their descriptive lists, and will be reported to the officer in charge of colored troops at the general rendezvous at Benton Barracks.

XIV. Colonel William A. Pile, Thirty-third Missouri Volunteers, is placed in charge of the colored recruits at Benton Barracks. He will organize them into companies and regiments, in accordance with existing orders, and present them to the commissary of musters at Benton Barracks for muster into service.

XV. The officers for these regiments are to be appointed by the Secretary of War, after examination by a board of officers now in session in Saint Louis. Applications for permission to appear before this board, accompanied by satisfactory certificates of loyalty and good character, will be approved by the commanding general and forwarded to the War Department.

XVI. The surgeon on duty at any post or station where enlistments may be made will examine all recruits that may be presented to him by the provost-marshal, and determine their fitness for military service. No person will be enlisted until he shall have passed a satisfactory examination, as prescribed by Army Regulations.

The examining surgeon and recruiting officer will sign the proper certificate, attached to the descriptive list.