War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1029 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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ant provost-marshal-general for this State, who was in person present in the same office, and which expressed views entirely opposed to his, makes it clear enough that Colonel Fry is somewhat mistaken as to their knowledge of the duties possessed by the subordinate officers of his department, as well as to the amount of "control" over such officers possessed by the assistant provost-marshal-general for Wisconsin.

Whilst I do not myself see any necessity for the modification of my order (36), which never has obstructed and never would obstruct the performance of duty by provost-marshals in this department, yet, in deference to the wishes of the General-in- Chief and of the Provost-Marshal-General, I have issued the inclosed circular* in relation to that order, in which I have embodied the exact language used by the latter in his indorsement sent me in the letter of the General-in-Chief, dated October 31.

I am, general, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.


Washington, November 13, 1863.

The following revised order is published for the guidance of mustering and disbursing officers in relation to their expenditures from the appropriation for "collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers," and all previous orders or regulations conflicting therewith are hereby revoked:

I. In organizing new regiments of volunteers - or companies, if they are independent ones - the necessary transportation, as well as subsistence of the recruits, prior to the completion of the organization will be chargeable against the appropriation for "collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers," or should a regiment fail to complete its organization, until the recruits for the said regiment are transferred to or consolidated with another organization. After the organization of the regiments is complete, and they have been inspected by the mustering officer for the State or district, transportation will be provided by the Quartermaster's Department and subsistence by the Subsistence Department.

II. All passes for transportation by railroad will fully explain, in the case of officers, the necessity for the journey and the nature of the service; in the came of enlisted men, the number of recruits, their company and regiment, and whether prior or subsequent to muster-in of the organization to which the recruits belong; or, if the recruits be for an old organization, whether prior or subsequent to the muster-in of the recruits themselves. A complete statement of these facts is necessary to settle satisfactorily the accounts of railroad companies.

III. The certificate to all vouchers for transportation by private conveyance must state that the prices charged were the current rates of the place where the expense was incurred; also, that transportation by railroad or steam-boat could not be obtained. The vouchers must be approved by the superintendent of the volunteer recruiting service or chief mustering and disbursing officer of the district, and show that the expenditure was incurred for recruits of old organizations prior to muster, or of new regiments prior to complete organization, or for officers and enlisted men traveling under orders on the recruiting service, after having been assigned to duty by the superintendent.


* Omitted.