War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0998 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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immediate supervision and direction of the commissaries and assistant commissaries of musters for the respective armies and departments. The said officers will make all musters out of and rhymesters into the service.

2. All men who desire to take advantage of the benefit of the veteran volunteer order by re-enlistment under it will be regularly mustered out of service on the prescribed muster-out rolls. The discharges prescribed by paragraph 79, Mustering Regulations, will be furnished in all cases. A remark will be made on the muster-out rolls, over the signature of the commissary or assistant commissary of musters, as follows: "Discharged by virtue of re-enlistment as a veteran volunteer, under the provisions of General Orders, Numbers 191, series of 1863, from the War Department."


3. Simultaneously with the muster out and discharge, but of the date next following it, the veteran volunteers will be formally remustered into the U. S. service "for three years or during the war." This will be done on the prescribed muster-in rolls (muster and descriptive roll of recruits). These rolls will be made out from the re-enlistments and descriptive lists of the men. (See section 4 of this paragraph.) The following remark will be made on the muster-in rolls, over the signature of the commissary or assistant commissary of musters: "Remustered as veteran volunteers, under General Orders, Numbers 191, War Department, series of 1863."

4. Regimental commanders, under the direction of commanders of brigades, will select and appoint a recruiting office for their respective commands and charge him with the re-enlistment of the veterans thereof. The re-enlistments will be made in duplicate and on the blank for "Volunteer Enlistment." A descriptive roll of the men will be made out at the same times. The duplicate re- enlistment and descriptive roll will be forwarded or taken by the recruiting officer to the commissary or assistant commissary of musters, who may be in charge of the musters for the organization to which the men belong. The mustering officer will countersign the re-enlistment papers and file the descriptive roll with the records of his office. One copy of the re-enlistment will be delivered by the mustering officer to the paymaster, to assist him in the examination, and verification of the accounts; this copy will be forwarded with the said accounts to the proper accounting officer of the Treasury. The second copy of the re- enlistment will be returned by the mustering officer to the regimental commander, and by him forwarded to the Adjutant- General of the Army with the monthly recruiting return required by paragraph 919, Army Regulations, from superintendents of regimental recruiting service.


5. The Pay Department of the Army is hereby charged with all payments (final dues original enlistments, advanced pay, bounties, and premiums) of the volunteers discharged and remustered as directed in this order. The final payments under the original enlistments will be made on the muster-out rolls.

The amount of the "total payment on muster" (remuster), paragraph II, General Orders, No 324, Adjutant-General's Office, current