War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0987 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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It is impossible to state accurately what portion of this amount has been actually disbursed and what portion is now in the hands of paymasters applicate to future payments. The payments to the 31st of October (the last regular pay-day of the Army) have been progressing during the whole of the last month, and are now just above closing, and none of the paymasters" accounts for such payments have of, course, as yet been received. From many of the distant stations the paymasters account for payments on the muster-roll of August 31, 1863, which payments were made during the two following months of September and October, have not yet reached here. In two important instances-those of the armies of the Cumberland and East Tennessee-no payment was made on the rolls of August 31, the condition of the armies and the wishes of their commanding generals forbidding the same. The payments to those armies, therefore, now just closing, cover the period of our months from June 30, 1863, to October 31, 1863.

Under such circumstances, and with such, as yet, imperfect data, it is impossible to report in detail what amount of funds has been actually expended up to November 30, 1863, and what is the balance now in the hands of the various paymasters.

It may, however, safely be assumed that such balance is unusually small. The estimates of the amounts required for 31st of October payments were found to be insufficient, owing to the large increase of the armies under the operations of the conscription act and the revival of volunteering under the present great inducements. Additional requisitions were required to be made to obtain the necessary funds to finish such payments, and even with these additional requisitions the paymasters have barely had enough to close their payments, and in some instances have fallen a little short of the requisite amount. The balances of funds remaining on hand at the present data may therefore be safely reported as very small.

As regards the payments to the troops, it may be reported substantially that the various armies in the field are paid in full to October 31, 1863, the latest date allowable by law and regulation. No official report of the payments to that date have as yet been received from the Pacific Coast, the Department of New Mexico, or the army under General Banks, nor has there been time for such reports to reach here. Sufficient funds for the payments at those stations were, however, forwarded in due time, and at each a force of paymasters was in readiness to receive the same and at once commence its disbursements. These payments are, therefore, most probably finished before this date.

The army at Chattanooga had been paid in full before the last military operations there, except a portionhich he had brought overland from the Mississippi, and which could not be reached by paymasters till it arrived at Chattanooga. Payments were going on in this command when the late movements commenced, and the paymasters were ordered by General Grant to retire with their funds to Nashville and await further orders.

Twelve paymasters were engaged in paying General Burnside's army around Knoxville when the late attack was made on him by the rebels. They have remained at Knoxville, and have not been heard from since the siege of that place commenced.

The payments in the Army of the Potomac were completed, except a few brigades, before the late movements. They have now been resumed and will be entirely finished during the coming week.