War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0978 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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New Orleans, August 29, 1863.

Colonel A. STAGER,

A. Q. M. and Superintendent U. S. Mil. Telegraph:

COLONEL: Pursuant to General Orders, Numbers 13, I have the honor to report that my appointment in the Quartermaster's Department, assigning me to duty in the Department of the Gulf, as assistant superintendent of U. S. military telegraphs, is dated January, 1863.

Since the first day of this month up to June 30, 1863, there has been constructed 244 miles of telegraph lines, connecting Bonnet Carre, Donaldsonville, Baton Rouge, Port Hudson, Franklin, and New Iberia with New Orleans. The march of the army, Major-General Banks commanding, from Baton Rouge toward Port Hudson in the month of March last was followed up with the lines, and retired with the same to Baton Rouge. In the month of April following we built lines from Breashear City up the Bayou Teche immediately with the army of Major-General Banks. During this march was fought the battle of Bisland, on Sunday, April 12. In May, with the command of Major-General Augur, we built lines again toward Port Hudson, commencing at Baton Roure and finishing at the headquarters of Major-General Banks, before Port Hudson. On May 30, during the march of General Augur's division, was fought the battle of Plains Store. To be above was immediately added fourteen miles of lines, connecting the headquarters of divisions and Springfield Landing with the headquarters of Major-General Banks. During the siege of this place our lines were lengthened and offices advanced toward the enemy's works with the changes in the position of our forces. Immediately upon the surrender of Port Hudson our lines were extended inside the fortifications and an officer established there. I was present and engaged in all the marches before named and before Port Hudson during the siege. The property generally received has been telegraph wire, submarine cable, insulators, instruments, mules, wagons, and harness. No property in my hands has been lost, captured, or destroyed. Have no captured rebel property in my hands. I have received $9,841.17. Amount of purchases, $409.12, and expenditures, $6,128.80, leaving a balance in my hands, June 30, 1863, of $3,303.25.

Very resentfully,


Captain and Asst. Quartermaster and Asst. Superintendent.


WASHINGTON, November 6, 1863.


General Sut. U. S. Mil. Telegraph, Washington, D. C.:

COLONEL: I have the honor to report in regard to operations in Bayou Teche that I was ordered, by Major-General Banks to proceed up the above-named bayou with the necessary apparatus, and, with the aid of a colored regiment of the engineers" service, to remove the obstructions, consisting of two sunken vessels filled with brick, secured by piles driven around them, and the iron- clad gun-boats, Cotton and water being shallow and the vessels embedded in the muddy bottom, it was possible to operate with powder inside their hulls owing to the slight resistance the shallow water would give us above