War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0947 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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quotas with 50 per cent. additional. Please forward the orders at once.

In making up the quotas the several Congressional districts have been allowed for all troops mustered in up to October 12, 1863. For all volunteers that have been or may be mustered in the U. S. service (from that date, October 12) up to the date of the draft, credit is to be allowed on the quotas of the sub-districts where the men mustered in can be clearly appropriated to sub-districts. As many mustered in as cannot be determined to belong to sub- districts may be credited to the district at large, and the quotas of sub-districts reduced (to the extent of those so credited to the district at large) in the ratio of their enrollment, or what is the same thing, in the ratio of their quotas as assigned in the accompanying orders.

To determine the number by which the quotas of sub-districts are to be reduced, for men so mustered in, the number of men mustered and 50 per cent. additional are to be deducted from the quotas fixed in the orders for draft.

It will be understood that the localities from which men volunteer in the interval between the dates just mentioned will be so indicated in the returns of mustering officers that there will be no difficulty in crediting districts at least with all such, and that accordingly the quota of the State at large will not require to be reapportioned to districts on account of men so mustered in.

The direction of the foregoing matter, in relation to credits for men mustered in from October 12 to the date of the draft, is hereby instructed to you, to be exercised according to your best judgment and discretion, without reference to this office for instruction as to details. Report, however, definitely any action you take in this matter.

Men raised by virtue of the increased bounty offered for recruits for old regiments are to be credited on the quota of 300,000 volunteers called for by the President's proclamation of the 17th instant, and not on present draft.

In regard to the lists of volunteers from towns, &c., heretofore forwarded by you, it will be understood that credit has been given for such in the quotas of districts, and that all question in regard to them must be considered as closed.

You will, by yourself and by your inspectors, give personal supervision to the draft in the different districts under your charge. You will see that the boards make the draft immediately upon being ordered to do so, and that the drafted men are notified, with the least possible delay, to appear at district headquarters.

Enrolling officers will, perhaps, from their experience, be the most suitable persons to serve these notices. If so, you will have them deputized for this purpose. You will see that drafted men arriving at district headquarters are immediately directed where to report, that they are properly cared for, that they are promptlyined by the board; that immediately thereafter, if not exempted, their names be entered on descriptive rolls of the drafted men; that they be at once placed in uniform and furnished with the articles prescribed in paragraph 4, Circular Numbers 11 from this office, and that as soon as this is done they be sent forward to the general rendezvous in squads of convenient size.

You will see that clothing, knapsacks, haversacks, canteens, blankets, knives, forks, spoons, tin cups and tin plates are provided and on hand at the headquarters of each district in advance of the draft.