War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0941 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Whereas, in addition to the draft of 20 per cent. of the first class of the enrolled national forces heretofore called for, the President of the United States, by his proclamation of the 17th instant, has made a call for 300,000 volunteers; and

Whereas, duty and patriotism demand that the draft should be cheerfully submitted to and the new call promptly answered by the people of Wisconsin as they have always been ready to comply, and have more than complied with all previous calls heretofore made upon them in support of our national integrity and for the maintenance and vindication of the Union, the Constitution, and the laws:

Now, therefore, and in order that the people of Wisconsin may be more fully and definitely advised concerning the proportion of men required from this State under those two calls, the mode of distributing and filling the same, and other points connec, Edward Salomon, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, do hereby give the following information of regulations adopted by the Government of the United States, and of other matters connected with said two calls so far as I am advised of the same:

First. Concerning the draft now pending, the execution of which will commence on the 9th day of November next, the number of men of the first class enrolled in the six Congressional districts, including twenty towns or sub-districts not yet reported, but estimated at 1,000, will be 68,845 (which will vary but very little from the exact number when fully ascertained), 20 per cent. of which would make the quota of Wisconsin 13, 769. Our State has furnished an excess of troops over all previous calls, reducing it all to the standard of three-years" men, of between 4,000 and 5,000, all of which will be credited to the State, each Congressional district receiving credit for the excess furnished by it, so that the number to be furnished under this draft by the State will be reduced to 8,000 or 9,000. It is not deemed practicable by the officers of the General Government to bring the system of giving credit for troops heretofore furnished down to towns or wards, but the number of men required from a Congressional district will be distributed among its towns and wards, in proportion to the number of men of the first class enrolled in each town or ward.

All men enlisting before the draft in the Thirty-fifth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers, or in any of the companies of artillery now in process of organization, as well as all those who have heretofore enlisted in any old regiment or company in the field, will be properly credited on this draft.

Second. Concerning the new call of 300,000 volunteers, upon the estimated enrollment of 68,845 men of the first class, the quota for Wisconsin under this call would be 9,724, which will vary but slightly from the exact number when definitely ascertained. This number will be assigned to districts according to the number of men enrolled therein of the first class, and upon the same principle it can be ascertained by the people of any town or ward what their respective quotas will be, for the number of men required from any particular town or ward will be in the same proportion to the number of men enrolled of the first class in such town or ward that 9,724 bears to 68,845.

This call is intended particularly to fill old regiments in the field, and the Government will therefore pay to any new recruit for any