War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0902 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Washington, D. C., October 20, 1863.

His Excellency ANDREW G. CURTIN,

Governor of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pa.:

SIR: I have the honor to inform you that Pennsylvania's quota of the 300,000 volunteers called for by the President's proclamation of the 17th instant is as follows:

First District, 1,469; Second District, 1,723; Third District, 2,129; Fourth District, 1,966; Fifth District, 1,405; Sixth District, 1,423; Seventh District, 1,337; Eighth District, 1,106; Ninth District, 1,470; Tenth District, 1,966; Eleventh District, 1,716; Twelfth District, 1,980; Thirteenth District, 1,264; Fourteenth District, 1,557; Fifteenth District, 1629; Sixteenth District, 1,601; Seventeenth District, 1,402; Eighteenth District, 1,640; Nineteenth District, 1595; Twentieth District, 1,836; Twenty-first District, 1,353; Twenty-second District 1,915; Twenty-third District, 1,378; Twenty-fourth District, 1,408; total, 38,268.

This quota is the proportion of the 300,000 men which Pennsylvania should furnish, according to the number of men of the first class enrolled in that State, and without any regard to the quota assigned her for the present draft, or the number of men obtained under that draft, and without any regard to any deficiency she may have had under the calls for volunteers previous to the assignment of quotas for the present draft. The quota of Pennsylvania for the present draft was as follows: 2,080 to First District, 3,154 to Second District, 3,015 to Third District, 2,744 to Fourth District, 1,989 to Fifth District, 2,000 to Sixth District, 1,892 to Seventh District, 1,565 to Eighth District, 2,082 to Ninth District, 2,783 to Tenth District, 2,430 to Eleventh District, 1790 to Thirteenth District, 2,148 to Fourteenth District, 2,307 to Fifteenth District, 2,267 to Sixteenth District, 1,985 to Seventeenth District, 2,406 to Eighteenth District, 2,258 to Nineteenth District, 2,600 to Twentieth District, 1,915 to Twenty-first District, 2,712 to Twenty-second District, 1,951 to Twenty-third District, 1,995 to Twenty-fourth District; total, 54,871.

Up to the 17th instant the number obtained one these quotas was as follows; First District, 303; Second District, 546; Third District, 872; Fourth District, 688; Fifth District, 980; Sixth District, 1,052; Seventh District, 894; Eighth District, 660; Ninth District, 1,028; Tenth District, 100; Eleventh District, 368; Twelfth District (no report); Thirteenth District, 171; Fourteenth District, 513; Fifteenth District, 1,445; Sixteenth District, 529; Seventeenth District, 242; Eighteenth District, 748; Nineteenth District, 1,104; Twentieth District, 1, 187; Twenty-first District, 1,315; Twenty-second District, 769; Twenty-third District, 1,214; Twenty-fourth District, 1,389; total obtained, 18,117, leaving on present draft, as made up to the 17th instant, a deficiency of 36,754.

On all calls previous to the present draft the deficiency of Pennsylvania was 16,071; total deficiency, 52,825.

The total quota, therefore, of Pennsylvania for the next draft, in case another is rendered necessary by a failure to raise sufficient volunteers, as it appears from the records up to the 17th instant, would be 38,268, the quota of 300,000 herein assigned, and the deficiencies up to the date specified, that is, 52,825; total quota, 91,093.

But this total deficiency (52,825) will of course be reduced by all held to service under the present draft after the 17th instant, and by