War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0857 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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him to give such instructions as will facilitate the prompt and thorough execution of them, and ascertain from him, through the adjutant-general of the State-

1. The number of regiments and independent companies or batteries now organizing in the State, the names of the respective commanding officers, the numerical or other designation of each organization, and its place of rendezvous.

2. The strength of each organization as per the latest State records, and the length of time it has been under recruitment.

3. The state or condition of the recruiting service, with reference to the organizations, respectively, [to] be completed.

4. The number of companies of the respective organizations that have left the State, the dates of departure, and the strength of each.

II. With the foregoing in your possession, consult with Major Wallace, chief mustering officer at Albany, and Lieutenant- Colonel Reeve, chief mustering officer for New York City and vicinity, and obtain from the reports embracing-

1. Number of men for the respective organizations mustered into the U. S. service, with dates when the musters therein commenced.

2. Number of complete three-years" regiments, with designation of each, that have left the State since January 1, 1863, with strength of each.

3. Number of incomplete three-years" regiments, with designation of each, that have left the State since January 1, the number of companies and strength of each for the respective organizations to be given.

III. With the foregoing facts for your guidance and information you will proceed to the camp or rendezvous for the troops at New Dorp, Staten Island, and make a careful inspection of all organizations, complete and incomplete, thereat; each regiment or independent company to be inspected separately. You will direct an accurate return of each organization to be made to be countersigned by the commanding officer thereof, the same to be countersigned by the commanding officer of the rendezvous, who will in addition furnish you with a consolidated return of the entire force. Your personal inspection of each organization should verify the returns made to you. Your report will indicate the condition of the troops, so far as their instruction and discipline are concerned.

Particular attention will be given to such two-years" regiments as were formerly in service and are now reorganizing. All such will be reported by you on a separate list. Should you find that the State has other rendezvous for regiments and reports, provided the number of troops thereat will justify, and you are not able to secure satisfactory information otherwise.

The object of your inspections is to place the Department in possession of information which will indicate the true condition of the recruiting service for both old and new organizations throughout the State. To this end it is expected that you investigations will be searching and thorough in every respect.

I am, sir, &c.,


Assistant Adjutant-General.

P. S.-The foregoing instructions, which fully set forth the wishes of the Department, were prepared prior to your being selected for the