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men for old regiments under your plan. Major Bierce writes me a letter, which does not at all elucidate the subject, saying simply that you you want the provost-marshals to have orders to recruit. That is a matter of course, but I want to know exactly what instructions you which given them.

I send by mail the plan which I am putting in force in other States but as your plan differs in offering promotion instead of money as a premium, I wish to co-operate with you. I will start my plan in addition to yours, or not as you think best.




Madison, September 29, 1863.

Colonel JAMES B. FRY,

Provost-Marshal-General, Washington, D. C.:

DEAR SIR: I find statements in the public print which, seeming to have foundation in facts occurring, lead me to address your Bureau once more. Thus in the Washington correspondence of the New York Times, dated 22nd instant, I find this statement relative to Ohio:

"The State is deficient 8,000 men only, which number will be readily made up by volunteer enlistments under the ample bounties that the Provost-Marshal-General is able to offer, "and" it may be finally settled that there will be no draft in Ohio." Also in another paper of large circulation (German) I find the same statement, with the addition that these bounties are defined as $302 for raw recruits and $402 for veterans. I am well aware, sir, that these newspaper statements are to be received with great caution, yet, because those referred to have been now for several days uncontradicted, and for the reason that the draft is still suspended in Ohio, I feel justified in asking an explanation on the subject. Every paragraph upon the subject of the draft is greedily seized upon by that class of people who are disposed to find fault with Government, and the worst possible use made of it to produce discontent; and already the question is asked, "If Ohio is to be allowed to fill her quota by volunteering, why not Wisconsin?" and "if the Provost-Marshal- General has bounties to offer in Ohio, why not in Wisconsin?" I should be held as derelict from duty as Executive of the State if I did in ot endeavor to obtain for Wisconsin every right and privilege which is granted to other States. If such a system of volunteering and bounties is granted in Ohio I need not, I trust, urge further that the like privilege be granted to this State, and that I may be informed thereof without delay.

I have endeavored heretofore to make it clear that I am and have been in favor of the conscription law as the fairest method of calling out the national forces but equity between the States requires that it be carried into operation under similar rules everywhere, and the law itself contemplates that just credit shall be give to each of the States for volunteers hitherto sent. The rules adopted by your Bureau, as I have, on several occasions, endeavored to show, do not, I respectfully suggest, secure that equity and fairness which is quite practicable, and I have hoped that hose rules might be modified to some extent. Under date of September 21, instant, I have again referred to this subject and await your reply with interest. My letter of the 5th instant remains unanswered as to the question of credits to towns, yours of the 11th, by Captain Maynadier, making no allusion