War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0827 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Washington, D. C.,-, 1863.


The following regulations are established,with the approval of the Secretary of War, for your district, and will govern in the matter of apprehension of deserters and in the enlistment of recruits to fill old regiments:

I. To persons deputized by the Provost-Marshal-General to arrest deserters and procure recruits, who shall deliver to you a deserter from the Army of the United States, including deserters from the late draft (see section 13, enrollment act), the sum of $30 shall be paid, said payment to be made in accordance with the rules now governing the payment of reward for deserters. No expenses of apprehension or delivery of deserters will be allowed.

II. The moneys received from drafted persons as an exemption from service, under the thirteenth section of the act, shall constitute a substitute for the payment of premiums and bounties to recruits procured as herein specified.

III. Persons deputized as aforesaid to arrest deserters and procure recruits, presenting to your Board a man acceptable as a recruit, according to the present ruling of acceptability as applied by this Bureau, shall receive premiums as follows, to wit:

For an accepted recruit, who may be shown to the Board to have served at least nine months as a soldier, and been honorably discharged (for other cause than disability), a premium of $25.

For an accepted recruit without the military qualifications above specified, a premium of $15.

The premiums herein provided will be paid to be persons who shall have presented the accepted recruit, as soon as said recruit shall have been delivered at the general rendezvous at-. The payment of the premium will be made by -, in the-, whenever the person who furnished the recruit shall present to him a certificate from your Board that the recruits named and for whom he claims premiums were accepted and regularly enlisted and a certificate from the commanding officer at the general rendezvous at-that the said recruits have actually been received at his rendezvous.

You are authorized, and required, notwithstanding anything else herein contained, to decline all business, in the matter of recruits, with any persons or persons who may at any time practice, or attempt to practice, fraud or imposition either upon the Government or the person presented as a recruit, or who shall extort, claim or receive any other fee, perquisite, or compensation from the Government or the recruit than the premium herein authorized and provided, and such persons shall forfeit their appointments and all right to any premium or payment and be reported to the Provost-Marshal-General, to be dealt with summarily by a military commission.

You are required to facilitate the procuration of recruits in the manner herein prescribed by early examination of them, prompt preparation of certificates upon which the payment of premiums depend, and by everything else properly devolving on you calculated to assist the persons presenting recharts in without unnecessary delay. You will immediately nominate, through the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State, one or more persons, whom you deem best suited for recruiting agents for your district, that they may be deputized for that purpose.