War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0703 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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NEW YORK, August 21, 1863.

Colonel J. B. FRY:

The draft in the Sixth District was completed this afternoon. The utmost good order has prevailed throughout.


WASHINGTON, August 21, 1863 - 8.30 p. m.


Actg. Asst. Provost-Marshal-General, New York City:

Let me new drawing be a continuation of the old one in the Eighth and Ninth Districts, the same as if proceedings had not been interrupted; the remainder of the new drawing in Eighth District to be for the new quotas, which will be corrected and sent you to-morrow morning. No change in quotas of Ninth District.




Albany, August 21, 1863.


SIR: My duty to the people of New York compels me to address you again in relation to the volunteers from this State. Its Legislature, anxious to recruit the Army by volunteers, at its last session made an appropriation to pay bounties to volunteers. It was expected that these would be credited to the State as well as the number already furnished beyond its quota. a

On the 12th instant I wrote to Mr. Fry to learn up to what time they would be received in lieu of drafted men. b

To this letter I have received no answer, and I fear my communication did not reach him. c

I attach a copy of that letter. On the 15th [16th] instant I sent you a telegraphic dispatch, a copy of which I also send with this letter. In your answer you stated that they would be received up to the very latest practicable moment. d

On Monday of this week - the 17th instant - I learned, through the public journals, that a draft would be made on Wednesday, the 19th instant, in the Sixth District of New York. e This was the first notice I received of that proceeding. f

It is proper I should state that in no instance have I received notice of the time when a draft was to be made in any district. g The notices sent to me only stated that the enrollments were completed in certain districts, and that orders had been made directing a draft for

a They were credited up to the time of making up quotas, June 11. - J. B. FRY.

b No such letter has been received up to this day, and I knew nothing of it till I saw the copy herewith.- J. B. Fry.

c For answer, see my letter to Secretary of War, herewith.- J. B. Fry.

d So they have been, as stated above.- J. B. Fry.

e On the 12th I notified him that orders were issued to resume the draft for quotas, as designated in the President's letter (see copy). - J. B. Fry.

f On the 16th I wrote from New York City and told him the drawing would begin on Wednesday, 19th instant. - J. B. Fry.

g I have given him all the information I could and all I supposed he wanted. See my letter herewith to Secretary of War.- - J. B. Fry.