War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0691 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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troops there were sent from said Erie County the Twenty-first, Forty-ninth, and One hundredth Regiments, numbering 2,709 men, and other battalions and companies to said county's fair proportion of the entire calls, but as no quota was assigned to any district or county no evidence can be furnished from records of this office of any particular quota from said Erie County prior to said 1st July, 1862.




Washington, August 18, 1863.


Actg. Asst. Provost-Marshal-General, Harrisburg, Pa.:

Inform Major-General Couch immediately what Governor Curtin says about discharging the State troops and explain to him the effect it is likely to have on the operations of this Bureau in Pennsylvania, and tell General Couch where troops are wanted and how many.





Washington, August 19, 1863.

In accordance with the requirements of paragraph 5, General Orders, Numbers 245, from the War Department, it is hereby ordered that the invalid companies of the Regular Army shall be made up as follows:

I. By taking the enlisted men of those commands now in the field (whether actually present or temporarily absent) who, from wounds received in action or diseases contracted in the line of duty, are unfit for field service, but are still capable of effective garrison duty, or such other light duty as may be required of an invalid corps. Regimental commanders hall at once make out, from information received from their medical and company officers and from their own knowledge, rolls of the names of all those enlisted men under their commands who fulfill the following conditions, viz: 1. That they are unfit for active field service on account of age, or wounds, or disease contracted in the line of their duty-this fact being certified by a medical officer after a personal examination.

2. That they are fit for garrison duty-this fact being likewise certified by the medical officer as above after a personal examination.

3. That they are, in the opinion of the commanding officers, meritorious and deserving.

These rolls shall be certified by the examining surgeon and regimental commander and transmitted through the regular military channels to the Adjutant-General of the Army.

II. By taking those enlisted men still in service and borne on the rolls, but who are absent from duty in hospitals, convalescent camps, or are otherwise under the control of medical officers. In these cases the medical officer shall, as soon as possible, prepare rolls and send them properly certified by himself to the Adjutant-General of the Army.

The rolls of men for the invalid companies having been received, they will be sent, under orders from the Adjutant-General of the