War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0668 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Washington, D. C., August 12, 1863.


(Compiled from the various orders and circulares issued from this office.)

1. The recruiting service in the various States for the Invalid Corps is placed under charge of the assistant provost-marshals- general as general superintendents for those States, respectively, who will be governed by the following rules and regulations:

2. The superintendents will establish the rendezvous, and so arrange for the rent, subsistence of recruits, and other expenses that the charges may be reasonable, and that the bills therefor may be certified by the recruiting officers in charge, and presented for payment to the disbursing officers of the State.

3. Superintendents will see that their depots are kept supplied with sufficient clothing for issues to recruits and with the arms, &c., necessary for their instructions and full equipment. They will also furnish the recruiting officers and the district provost-marshals with the blanks, &c., required for the recruiting service.

4. Camps of rendezvous and instruction will be established at or in the vicinity of the stations of the assistant provost- marshals-general of the several States, under charge of officers of the Invalid Corps, or officers temporarily disabled for active service and detailed for this duty.

5. Enlisted men honorably discharged on account of disability desiring to re-enlist in this corps will present themselves to the Board of Enrollment for the district in which they reside, for examination by the surgeon thereof, who shall make a personal examination of them and report the result to the Board of Enrollment (accordingly to the form furnished).

6. The Board shall then consider each case, and if the applicant is found to fulfil the conditions specified below, the Board shall give him a certificate (according to the form furnished) to that effect, viz:

First. That he is unfit for service in the field.

Second. that he is fit for garrison duty, according to rules laid down in General Orders, Numbers 212, War Department, 1863.

Third. That he is meritorious and deserving.

Fourth. That he was honorably discharged from the service on account of disability.

7. The provost-marshal for the district shall furnish the applicant with a ticket of transportation, by the shortest practicable route, to the nearest acting assistant provost- marshal-general of a State (no matter if it be not in the same State), who shall procure such evidence of service and good character as he may deem sufficient; and if satisfied that it is a meritorious case, and that the man is not intemperate and is deserving, he will enlist him.

8. In case the applicant is rejected for any cause by the acting assistant provost-marshal-general, he will be furnished with a ticket to return to the district whence he came.

9. The term of enlistment in the Invalid Corps shall be for three years. Enlistments shall be made upon printed forms to be furnished for the purpose. They will in all cases be made in duplicate.