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It is proper to add that the adjutant-general of New York, in the recapitulation of troops furnished in 1861, remarks, "Recruits for regiments in the field estimated at 11,000."

In the report of the Adjutant-General for 1863 it is stated that the recruits sent to old regiments since the date of the last report (January 15, 1862) will not fall below 20,000.

It will be seen that in relation to the recruits claimed to have been furnished in 1861 and 1862, the adjutant-general of the State has estimated them and not made his claim on actual data.

In relation to this subject the adjutant-general of New York in his official report for 1862 says:

In addition to the regiments which have been raised in this State under the several requisitions from the Government, a large of recruits have been drawn from our population for regiments in service. Of the number of these this department has no positive knowledge.

It will thus be seen that from actual data the War Department credited the State of New York with 3,518 more men belonging to regiments and batteries than the State claimed or knew she had in service, and the claim of the State for an additional excess is one based upon an estimated number of recruits furnished and of which number the State adjutant-general's report for 1862 shows that department had no positive knowledge. There is nothing on file in the War Department to show "that New York and Brooklyn have furnished more than their proportion" of the troops from the State of New York.

In relation to the "abandonment of voluntary enlistment for a forced conscription" proving unfortunate as a policy, I would remark that the conscription does not prevent voluntary enlistments, but on the contrary it decidedly stimulates them. The voluntary enlistments have of late afforded but few men, as is shown by the following statement:

Exhibit showing state of the recruiting service in the State of New York of old and new organizations since January 1, 1863. Organizations mustered into the U. S. service as per statement of July 9 from the adjutant-general New York.

Numerical Arm of Number Streng Remarks.

designatio service. of th.

n. compan


12th. Cavalry. 6 587 Commenced organizing

in September, 1862.

13th. ...do... 6 502 Commenced organizing

in November, 1862.

14th. ...do... 10 856 Commenced organizing

in September, 1862.

16th. ...do... 4 335 Commenced organizing

in January, 1863.

11th. Artillery. 4 576 Commenced organizing

in February, 1863.

3 Infantry. 30 2.648 Nine months.


1 company. ...do... 1 86 Do.

178th. ...do... 6 414

Total. ... ... 6.004

Recruits ... ... 1.918



in the

field, as

shown by

records of





It is thus seen that the cavalry and artillery organization, favorite arms of service, have been a long time organizing and are yet incomplete. For the new organizations cited our returns show 4,604 mustered in. The muster-in rolls of the One hundred and seventy-eight New York Volunteers have not yet been received.