War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0661 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Exhibit in reference to New York Troops (volunteers).

Dr. Cr.

Number 179,027 179,027 Number of 182.545 182.545

claimed by volunteers

the State credited to

as per include

exhibit of June 11,

June 1, 1863, as

from the per Exhibit

State A herewith,

adjutant- inclusive

general, of

exclusive regiments

of in the

recruits. field.

Credit 3.518 Number of 17.486 17.486

given by recruits

the United credited as

States to per Exhibit

the State A.

in excess

of that

claimed by

the State.

182.545 Number of 1.203 1.203


credited as

per Exhibit


Number of 31.000 31.000 Number of 12.311

recruits recruits

claimed by claimed by

the State State and

as per which have

State not been

adjutant- credited by

general's United

exhibit of States.

June 1.

Number of 2.012 2.012 31.000


claimed the


of June 1,

and to


July 10.

Number of 1.288 1.288




making up

Exhibit A,

of June 11,

and to

include the



Number of 724


claimed by

state and


since June

1, and not

credited by

the United



Difference. ... 9.517

212.039 212.039

The United States have credited the State with 2,794 more volunteers (as supplied by regiments and companies) than is claimed to have been furnished. This credit was given before the Department knew the number which the State claimed as having furnished.

The State claims to have furnished 12,311 more recruits for regiments in the field, "old organizations," than the United States have given credit for. It is therefore seen that the number in dispute is made up of recruits for old regiments.

The difference between 12,311 and 2,794 is 9,517. This is the number for which the State claims to have received no credit.

In making up the statements or exhibits the numbers were taken from the muster-in rolls of regiments, companies, and detachments, as filed by the duly appointed U. S. mustering officers for the State. Where, as in some few instances, no muster-in rolls of regiments were filed, the numbers were taken front he first muster and pay rolls of the organization.

It will be seen by a letter to the Governor of date June 2 that the Department contemplated a comparison of the State records of men furnished with those of this office. In answer to that letter the adjutant-general of the State, under date of July 9, furnished a statement, from which the numbers herein referred to, as claimed by the State, have been taken.

As the present records of the Department will not allow a credit to be given for the disputed number (9,517) of recruits, it remains for the State to show, by the muster-in rolls thereof, that she is entitled to said credit. As the statement from the adjutant-general of the Stated does not exhibit in detail the data upon which the claim for the disputed recruits rests, it will devolve on special comparison of the State with the U. S. records to show that the State is justly entitled to the credit therefor.