War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0556 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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be trouble, to confer with and receive the direction of yourself or General Canby and to proceed in accordance with such arrangements as you may determine upon. In the State of New York Colonel Robert Nugent is acting assistant provost-marshal- general for the first nine districts. You are aware of the condition of things in these districts. Major Frederick Townsend, headquarters Albany, is acting assistant provost- marshal-general for the districts numbered from 10 to 22, inclusive. In the Sixteenth District, Plattsburg, the draft has taken place and been well received; the same is throughout to the the case in the Seventeenth District. In the Fifteenth District the draft was commenced and has been suspended by a riot in Troy. In the Fourteenth District the draft has not commenced, as the indication of riot in Albany made it prudent not to begin. Major A. S. Diven, headquarters at Elmira, is acting assistant provost- marshal-general for the districts numbered from 23 to 31, inclusive. The draft there has passed off quietly in the Twenty- sixth and Twenty-seventh District. The indications of mob violence are so strong in Buffalo that I have deemed it best not to undertake a draft in that city until an adequate force can be sent there. Difficulties of greater or less magnitude are apprehended in some of the interior cities of New York.

In New Jersey there are unmistakable sings of resistance, and the draft has not yet been ordered in that State. I have directed Colonel Buchanan, acting assistant provost-marshal-general for that State, headquarters Trenton, to pursue his duties with great prudence, so as to prevent an outbreak. In Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine the draft has been made, or is in progress, without any indication of serious opposition. In New Hampshire the condition of things is not so favorable, and I hold the orders for draft there of things is not so favorable, and I hold the orders for draft there for the moment, and I hardly think it well to commence without some force.

I have sent orders to Philadelphia for five companies of the Invalid Corps there to proceed to Connecticut and report to Major D. D. Perkins, acting assistant provost-marshal-general of that State. I don"t think all the these companies will be necessary there-at least not continuously-and as soon as it appears that part of them can be spared, it is my intention to push a part on to New Hampshire as provost guards in that State.

Orders will be sent to Louisville, Ky., to-day for three companies of Invalid Corps to proceed from that place to Emira, N. Y., and report to Major A. S. Diven, acting assistant provost-marshal-general, as provost guard under him.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




New York, July 22, 1863.

Colonel JAMES B. FRY,

Prov. March General of the United States, Washington, D. C.:

SIR: Yesterday forenoon I had an interview with Major-General Dix in relation to procuring the use of a portion of the State arsenal in Thirty-fifth street, in this city, for the purpose of an office for Captain B. F. Manierre, of the Eighth District, whose building, as you may remember, was burned by the mob. Captain Manierre was with me.