War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0555 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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State was among the foremost to send its fitting men to the war, and in a larger proportion than many other States. It is almost drained of sound, healthy men for service in the field. Of those who remain, from whom this draft is to be made, but a small portion are sound and suitable for service. We have sent a great many more than our quota to the Army, besides which a large number are in the naval service, probably not far from 2,000, who have never been credited to the State in military requisitions, although justice requires that they should be, since they take just so many from our fighting population. Mr. Sumner and myself tried invalid last winter to secure this act of justice to our respective States. Were the naval recruits credited to us, they, with the excess already sent to the Army from Rhode Island, would leave us absolutely free from the draft at this time. We can send a regiment more without much trouble, but I really do not believe that this State can furnish the proportion of 300,000 assigned to her under this draft. The conscription will be done through with, both classes will be exhausted, and then we shall fall short. i feel certain of this, but I know that the law will be fully sustained and the draft carried out by the Board of Enrollment here fully, fairly, and legally, and am convinced that the returns when you receive them when you receive them will satisfy you of thee, very respectfully, yours,




Washington, D. C., July 22, 1863.

Whenever acting assistant provost-marshals-general of States may deem it necessary, boards of enrollment will be authorized to employ such medical assistance as many be required to aid the respective surgeons of those boards in the preliminary examination of drafted men. The surgeon of each Board of Enrollment will, however, be responsible, under section 14 and 15 of the "Act for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for other purposes," for the examination in each case. A reasonable compensation will be allowed to physicians and surgeons employed as assistants.

The surgeon of the Board shall in person examine each case of physical disability upon which a claim for exemption may be based, and for recommendation shall be laid before the Board of Enrollment for its decision in the premises.

No exception for physical disqualification shall be granted by the Board till such examination shall have been made by the surgeon of the Board in person.




Washington, D. C., July 22, 1863.

Major-General DIX,

Commanding Department of the East, New York City:

GENERAL: The draft in some of the States in your department will have to be conducted under your directions as commander of the forces. With your approval, therefore, I will direct the acting assistant provost-marshal-general, where there has been or still is likely to