War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0517 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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In my own judgment, I am free to day, on a mature consideration of the situation of matters in the Northern Division of this State and form a knowledge of the sympathy of the middle classes with the mob, that the draft anywhere within its bounds cahoot be enforced without a sufficiency of reliable troops, and that the commencement or renewal of it anywhere in the interior will, prior to the arrival of a suitable force, precipitate a furious riot here and renew that of Troy. I have therefore determined to withhold the orders for the draft in the Thirteenth, Twenty- first, and Twenty-second District until further advised. While writing the above the clerk of the Board of Enrollment of the Thirteenth District gives me the following, which I have taken down as repeated:

The Thirteenth District, Captain Fiero, provost-marshal, has removal his papers to a secure place than headquarters. There is an organization of laboring men and others, supposed to be "Knights of he Golden Circle," at Kingston, Saugerties, Wilbur, Eddyville, and Port Ewen, estimated to be in all 2,000 men. The steam-boat Powell, from New York, was forbidden to land at Kingston until a delegation of the mob, some 300 or 400 men, had examined the boat, supposing that cannot was to be landed. At Saugerties Tuesday night 300 men paraded the streets and threatened to burn Mr. Bois" house, who is a powder manufactured. They were appeased by a gentleman reading to them a forged telegram from Captain Fiero. Besides these coal men there are a large number of quarrymen back from the river towns who are constantly in communication with the other organizations. Spies report that these organizations are armed with Enfield rifles. There is no organization on the part of the Government. Citizens are leaving the place, moving out their effects, &c.

I give you the above as a specimen of what is reaching me. As to this case, I have requested the State to send ot Captain Fiero 500 muskets and ammunition and twenty rounds of canister for a 6- pounder gun in the hands of reliable citizens. He states that over 500 of such citizens are enrolled to use these arms. Until Wednesday night I was without mails from Washington from Saturday of last week, and the telegraph operator refused to transmit my telegrams.

FRIDAY, July 17.

In the pressure of business requiring so momentarily my personal attention while in the office, and being called so frequently to a distance form it, I was unable to complete this report yesterday. Today I am in receipt of your telegram directing me to call upon inclosed copy of a letter to him upon the subject.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major Eighteenth U. S. Infty., Actg. Asst. Prov. March General

ALBANY, July 16, 1863.

Colonel J. B. FRY,


I have sent correct consolidation of class one of the county of Washington heretore direct to you. Class one of Rensselaer has been also sent direct to you by mail. The correct total of class one in Rensselaer County is 8,515. I have already drafted in nine towns in Washington County one the order, which I return as directed. Draft is now suspended in consequence of a riot in Troy.




*See p. 518.