War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0509 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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OFFICE ACTG. ASST. PROV. Marshall GENeral FOR ILLINOIS, Springfield, July 14, 1863.

Captain M. O"KEAN,

Provost-Marshal, Eleventh District, Olney, Ill.:

CAPTAIN: I have sent a force of cavalry and infantry to Carbondale, Jackson County, to be employed, if necessary, in the protection of the officers while making the enrollment of Williamson county. These troops are subject to the orders of Captain Phillips, provost-marshal of the Thirteenth District. As Franklin County is immediately north of Williamson, the same force can readily be placed at your disposal to enable you to enroll said county, should their presence and aid be necessary for the protection of your officer while in discharge of their duty. You will therefore confer with Captain Phillips and arrange for the transfer of the troops to Franklin County, if necessary, after Captain Phillips to the same effect. If the soldiers pass over into Franklin County they will be subject to your orders. While executing your duties under the enrollment act with unflinching energy and firmness, I cannot too earnestly impress upon you the importance of prudence and discretion. Much depends upon the manner in which a military force is employed. Confine yourself to the rules and principles prescribed in the regulations for your guidance in such cases, and see that the county is enrolled with as little disturbance as possible. Keep me fully informed of all important movements, and let me know when you can spare the whole or a part of the force, as it is needed elsewhere.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. A., and A. A. P. M. G. for Illinois.


OFFICE ACTG. ASST. PROV. MARG. General FOR ILLINOIS, Springfield, July 15, 1863.

Captain M. O"KEAN,

Provost-Marshal, Eleventh District, Oleny, Ill.:

CAPTAIN: For answer to yours of 11th instant i would respectfully refer you to my letter of 14th instant. Arrange with Captain Phillips as to the time when the force now at his disposal can be placed subject to your orders, and employ it, if necessary, in the arrest of deserters in Franklin County, as well as in the protection of the enrolling officers. Be governed strictly by the instructions already given in my letter of yesterday. Keep me fully advised of the state of affairs in Franklin County.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant Colonel Fourth U. S. Cav. and A. A. P. M. G. for Illinois.


DUQUOIN, ILL., July 15, 1863.

Lieutenant Colonel JAMES OAKES,

Acting Assistant Provost-Marshal-General:

Can you send me 150 men? I have been mobbed and deserters taken from me. Am here and dare not go home, as mob of some 400 are