War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0505 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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RUSHVILLE, ILL., July 9, 1863.

Captain B. F. WESTLAKE,

Provost-Marshal, Ninth District:

DEAR SIR: I arrived at home last evening, and hasten to reply to you the facts in relation to the difficulties in Fulton County.

Considerable opposition has been manifested in the different townships of the country. Armed resistance has been displayed in but two townships, Pleasant and Woodland. On the 22nd of June Luke Elliott, enrolling officer for the township of Pleasant, was driven forcibly by a large armed mob, headed by Jeremiah R. Smith (a deserter), Robert Dowling, and John Blair, and he was compelled to desist from his labors.

Two of the leaders of the Democracy, Messrs. Perry and Judd, visited the township a few days ago and urged them to consent to an enrollment, and Isaac David has been appointed and will successfully enroll the township. In Woodland Township John Colins, the 8th day of July and his life threatened if he did not instantly leave the township. He was compelled to leave the creek. His work is nearly completed, having but one day's work. The leaders are deserters nd are named as follows: William Bryant, Benjamin F. Edmonds, and Jackson M. Breeden, John Jolly, Archibald Bryant, Robert Row, NOvell Row, assisting them. In Pleasant Township rebellion exists on an extensive scale. They are quite formidable and well armed, and are led and controlled by bad and dangerous men; and it is my opinion, as well as the opinion of Captain Phelps, assistant provost-marshal, that Fulton County cannot be enrolled without at least one company of good mounted troops; and the same state of things exists in Woodland Township, and the same remarks are applicable. There is a large number of deserters in Pleasant and Woodland Townships. The Lewistown Democrat and the leading Democrats in Lewistown are responsible for this state of things. They have boldly advised resistance until the masses are so exasperated that they cannot control them.

* * * * *

Mr. McComb, the enrolling officer, has not succeeded in getting any one to enroll Waterford, Liverpool, and Fairview, but will do so this week., The assistant township enrolling officers, so far as I could examine, are not objectionable to the Democracy. They are good men, and have been selected with much care. I am satisfied that the enrollment will meet with no further opposition; but in the apprehending of deserters force will be necessary.

I am, sir, most respectfully, your obedient servant,



MOUNT STERLING, ILL., July 10, 1863.

Captain B. F. WESTLAKE,

Provost-Marshal, Ninth Congressional District:

DEAR SIR: By your order I have carefully investigate the opposition against the enforcement of military law in the country of Fulton, and would respectfully state that it is the opinion of Captain William