War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0484 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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happy to make any arrangement consistent with the law and the rules of service that will meet their wishes. To what extent the arrangement specified in your telegram can be carried out I am not at this moment able absolutely to determine. But if you will specify the regiments to which individuals drafted desire to be assigned, I think there will be no obstacle to having an order made in conformity with their wishes. It is the desire of the Department in all respects to relieve the burned of military duty so far as it can be done. I will thank you for any suggestion that may in your judgment be deemed beneficial to the service.


Secretary of War.



Washington, D. C., July 12, 1863.

To answer inquiries made to this office, it is announced:

1. Any drafted person paying $300, under section 13 of the enrollment act, is thereby exempt from further liability under that draft, but not from any subsequent draft.

2. Any drafted person furnishing an acceptable substitute is exempt from military service for the period for which said substitute is mustered into the service.

3. A substitute once mustered into the service cannot be drafted while in service.

4. A drafted man cannot pay communication money, or present a substitute, after he has reported himself to the Board of Enrollment for examination.

5. Men who, on the 3rd of March, 1863, were in the military service of the United States as substitutes, under the draft of 1862, and whose terms of service have since expired, are not liable to the present draft; but the persons for whom they were substitutes are liable to draft, the same as though they had not been drafter and furnished substitutes under the draft of last year.

6. In serving the notice as require by Circular Numbers 42, from this office, a reasonable time to report shall in each case be granted by the Board of Enrollment to men in State service who have been or may be drafted.



NOTE.-Provost-marshall will give publicity to this circular.


Washington, D. C., July 12, 1863.

Colonel R. NUGENT,

Actg. Asst. Provost-Marshal-General, New York City:

Let the draft be entirely public, and give the names of all drafted men for publication if the papers want them. The name of every man who is granted exemption by the Board must be published, with cause of exemption clearly stated, except in cases of particular physical disqualifying causes which in might not be delicate to publish; in these cases the fact if exemption must be published and the cause