War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0482 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Washington, D. C., July 10, 1863.

Governor Morton


The Quartermaster-General has been directed to turn over to the Stete of Indiana, on your requisition, clothing and supplies for the troops called out to repel invasion.


Secretary of War.

BOSTON, July 10, 1863-6.10 p. m.

(Received 7.20 p. m.)

Honorable E. M. STANTON:

The Fifty-fifth detained, but I beg, if possible, it may not be diverted from North Carolina, where it is strongly urged.

JUNumbers A. ANDREW,


PROVIDENCE, R. I., July 10, 1863.

Honorable E. M. STANTON:

It gratifies me to be able to inform you that the draft in this State in progressing favorable, and that the people receive it cheerfully, many of our first men desiring to enter into the service of their country, now called upon, looking upon substitution or communication as almost disHonorable . This being the case, it seems desirable that the drafted men should be assigned to our regiments now in the field by the State authorities, as men of standing and influence could them associate themselves into companies, and would not fear being placed in the ranks mong men of an uncongenial character. Our Fifth Regiment, for instance, having been by your Department raised to heavy artillery corps, will need two new companies complete, and these must be made up and officers here with men of character and ability, while the companies to be formed could not but have a good influence on the morale of the whole regiment. It seems very important that men of this class should be brought into our Army of they desire it; and while it would have that result, it would be personally gratifying to me could our brave men have their choice in the regiment they should join, unless that regiment was already filled to its maximum standard. Yet it is no my intention to withdraw these men from the control of the U. S. officers charged with carrying out the draft, but merely to be authorized to direct the provost-marshal to what regiment each body of recruits should be sent.

Most respectfully requesting your immediate attention to the matter, and hoping for a favorable reply,

I remain, Yours, &c.,


Governor of Rhode Island.


Washington, D. C., July 10, 1863-11 a. m.

His Excellency ANDREW JOHNSON,

Military Governor of Tennessee, Nashville, Tenn.:

The Secretary of War has directed that rebel prisoners of war who have been impressed into the rebel service, and wish to join our Army