War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0479 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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marked with the number of the sub-district, and the number of cards contained in it, and sealed.

III. After all the sub-district have been thus prepared all the envelopes will be put into and sealed up and put away until the day of the draft.

IV. One the day of the draft the Board of Enrollment will open the envelope in presence of any who choose to extend, and take the envelope in presence of any who choose to extend, and take the envelope containing the cards of the first sub-district.

Those cards will be counted as they are placed in the box, and must agree with the number on the envelope.

The box should be about one foot wide, one foot deep, and one and a half long, with a lid securely fastened on, and a hole in the large enough to admit a man's hand.

V. The being done, the commissioner will announce that the draft for the first sub-district of such district of such State, for so many men, will commence.

VI. The provost-marshal, or some trusty person selected by him, will then be blindfolded, and draw from the box a single card, which he will hand to the commissioner, who will read along the name on it. The clerk will immediately enter this name on a list previously prepared, opposite Numbers 1. Thus the draft will continue until the required number of names are drawn, when the cards remaining in the box will be taken out and counted, so as to verify the whole number originally put in.

VII. Great care must be taken to enter names on the roll exactly in the order in which they are drawn.

VIII. The remaining sub-district will be proceeded with in like manner.

IX. As soon as practicable, persons drafted will be notified.

(Form 39.)





Washington, D. C., July 9, 1863.

I. All men who have been ushered into the U. S. service, under the call of the President of the United States dated June 15, 1863, for troops for six-months" service, or who have volunteers for State service alone, are liable to draft under the enrollment act. If any of those who have been mustered into the U. S. service should be drafted, they will received credit for the time they may have served, or many yet serve, under their present engagement. Those so drafted are to be taken up on the descriptive roll of drafted men and notified through their present commanding officer. They will, until further orders, continue on duty which the organizations to which they may belong at the time of draft, and at the expiration of that service will be assigned to three-years" regiment for the completion of their term of service.

Those called out Governors of State for State service, and not mustered into U. S. service, will, if drafted, be duly notified through their commanding officers, and required to report to the provost-marshal of the district where they were drafted, to be enrolled in the U. S. service for three years from the date of such enrollment.

II. If provost-marshals employ their enrolling officers, or the most competent of the, to serve the notifications to drafted men, as required by paragraph 19, Regulations for the Government of the