War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0475 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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VII. The physical examination of men for the Invalid Corps must be made by the surgeon in charge before they are reported to the Provost-Marshal-General.

VIII. Officers of the Invalid Corps on duty in hospitals will be subordinate to the surgeon in charge, and shall aid him in the performance of his administrative and executive duties, under the following and such other regulations as may hereafter be established:

1. The senior officer of the Invalid Corps on duty in a hospital shall have, under the direction of the surgeon in charge, the immediate supervision of all matters connected with the police and discipline of the hospital.

2. He will have the clothing, arms, equipments, and descriptive rolls of patients carefully preserved, and will note on the descriptive rolls all payments made or clothing issued while in hospital.

3. When a soldier is received into the hospital without his descriptive list he will immediately report the fact to the soldiers's company commander, who is hereby required to furnish without delay the descriptive roll and account of pay and clothing.

4. He will supervise the preparation of muster and pay rolls, descriptive rills, and clothing accounts; of final statements of pay and clothing, and of the inventories and reports required by general regulations concerning soldiers who die absent from their companies.

5. He will keep a record of deaths and interments, and will see that the dead are properly buried,a nd that each grave is designated by a registered headboard. In the absent of a chaplain he will keep the chaplain;'s register.

6. He will conduct all correspondence in relation to the descriptive rolls, clothing, arms, equipments, and personal effect of soldiers.

7. He should reside within the hospital precincts, and shall visit every part of it daily.

XI. In executing the provision of General Orders, Numbers 105, from this Department, in regard to the selection of men for the Invalid Corps, medical inspectors, surgeons in charge of hospitals, camps,. regiments, or of boards of enrollment, military commanders, and all others required to make the physical examination of meant for the Invalid Corps, wil by the following lists of qualification and disqualifications for admission into this corps:

Physical infirmities that incapacity enlisted men for field service, but do not disqualify them for service in the invalid Corps.

1. Epilepsy, if the seizures not do occur more frequently than once a month, and have not impaired the mental faculties.

2. Paralysis, if confined to one upper extremity.

3. Hypertrophy of the heart, unaccompanied with valvular lesion.

Confirmed nervous debility or excitability of the heard, with palpitation, great frequency of the pulse, and loss of strength.

4. Impeded respiration following injuries of the chest, pneumonia, or pleurisy. Incident consumption.

5. Chronic dyspepsia or chronic diarrhea, which has long resisted treatment. Simple enlargement of the liver or spleen, with tender or tumid abdomen.

6. Chronic disorders of the kidneys or bladder, without manifest organic disease, and which have not yielded to treatment. Incontinence of urine; mere frequency of micturition does not exempt.