War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0465 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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I am satisfied that the policy pursued has already inaugurated a division in the ranks of the malcontents, whereas conflict would have had a tendency more firmly to unite them. The men who were put forward in obstructing enrollment are, I am satisfied, the dupes of whore men, but better lawyers, who do not appear to have any agency in the matter.

Some of the parties arrested will, I am convinced, divulge the entire plot so far as they know it, and I think valuable information will be elicited.

We have a cause of men in this State who practice law and politics, and who seem to endeavor to be always near or upon the penitentiary line without crossing it. This is a dangerous experiment,a nd I hope some of them will be caught across the line.

I have the honor to be colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel and Acting Assistant prov. Marshall General for Indiana.


Washington City, July,


Your dispatch, *received this morning, in respect to the call of an additional force, has been submitted to the President, who has it under consideration. His determination will be immediately communicated to you.


Secretary of War.


Washington, July 3, 1863.

The following are announced as rendezvous for drafted men for the States named:

Maine, Portland; New hampshire, Concord; Vermont, Brattleborough; Massachusetts, Springfield; Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Haven, Conn.; New York, Buffalo, Elmira, Riker's Island, New York City; Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Carlisle, Pittsburgh; New Jersey, Trenton; Maryland, Annapolis Junction; Ohio, Captain Chase (Columbus), Camp Dennsion (Cincinnati.)

For the purpose of receiving and conducting to their several regiments the men of the draft assigned to fill them up, commanding generals of departments and armies will immediately detailed from each of the three-years" regiments of their commands belonging to the States above enumerated three commissioned officers and six enlisted men, and direct them to report without delay to the commanding officer of the rendezvous for their State. In State which have more than one rendezvous the detachments for the respective regiments will be instructed to report to the commanding officer of the rendezvous nearest to which the regiment was recruited and organized.


* See Series I, Vol. XXVII, Part III. p.481.