War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0464 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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It is made the special duty of every officer recruiting volunteers to see that the required information is given in this column on the rolls of men presented by him for muster.

Mustering officers ar hereby directed to see that this requirement is complied with, as far as possible, before troops are mustered in.

Each mastering officer will, immediately after having completed the muster into service of any regiment of detachment of volunteers make a report to the Provost-Marshal-General of the respective places at which the men were enrolled under the enrollment act, in accompanying form, marked A.




Report of muster into service of the One Hundred and ninety-ninth Regiment of New York Volunteers.

Enrolled under enrollment act.

Total No Town or Countr State

strengt ward. y. .


199th Regiment New 950 95 Eighteenth New New

York Ward, New York.. York.

Volunteers,mustere York City.

d into service

Aug. N. YT., by 100 Fifth Ward Kings. Do.

Captain John Brooklyn...

Smith, 10th

Infantry, U. S. 200 Jamaica..... Queens Do.

A., mustering .

officer. 100 Hoboken..... Hudson New


220 First Ward, New y.

Ne York York. New

City. York.

50 Flatbush.... Kings. Do.


Yonkers..... Westch Do.


Total............. 950 950


Indianapolis, July 2, 1863.

Colonel J. B. FRY,

Provost-Marshal General:

SIR: Your communication of the 28th ultimo, in which you so kindly expressed you approval of the manner in which the affairs of your Burneau have been managed in this State, was duly received. I highly appreciate the favorable opinion expressed of my official action and shall endeavor not to forfeit it in future.

The newspaper reports as to the condition of affairs in Monroe County were exaggerations of the truth. Colonel Biddle, who was in command of the troops sent there, did, request that one section of a battery might be sent to him, and it was done, out of abundant caution and to be prepared for any contingency that might arise. He was instructed to adopt the very policy indicated in your letter, namely, that if compelled to strike at all, to do it which vigor determination as to prevent the necessity of a repetition of the blow.

The enrollment lists that had been taken from the enrolling officer were recaptured, the principal offenders arrested, and the enrollment of the disaffected district completed without a conflict.