War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0463 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Enrolling officers will perhaps from their experience be the most suitable persons to serve these notices; if so, you will have them deputized for this purpose.

You will see that drafted men arriving at district headquarters are immediately directed where to report; that they are properly cared for that they are promptly and fairly examined by the Board; that immediately thereafter if not exempted their names be entered on description rolls of drafted men; that they be at once placed in uniform and furnished with the articles prescribed in paragraph 4, Circular Numbers 11, from this office, and that as soon as this is done they be send forward to the general rendezvous in squads of convenient size. You will see that clothing, knapsack, haversacks, canteens, blankets, knives, forks, spoons, tin cups, and tin plates are provided and on hand at the headquarters of each district in advance of the draft.

If any drafted men after having been notified to appear at a designated time and place, fail to do so, you will see that they are at once arrested and brought to the district whenever and wherever their services may be most required. By their assistance the examination of two men can be carried on at the same time before the Board of Enrollment.

You will see that the regulations in regard to these and all other poindraft are observed, and you will take plains by every means i your power to anticipate and provide for all wants and emergencies of this special service. Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



(Similar letters sent, July 7, to Captain Bailey, Maine, ordering draft for 1,762 men from Second District; July 6, to Colonel Nugent New York, ordering draft for 2,521 men from Ninth District; Major Perkins, Connecticut, First and Third Districts, respectively, 2,162 men, 1,592 men, Major Clarke, Massachusetts, Third District, 3,072 men; Captain Silvey, Rhode, First and Second District, respectively, 1,980 men, 900; Lieutenant- Colonel Bomford, Pennsylvania, Third District, 2,678 men; Major Diven, Western Division of New York, Thirtieth District, 2,639 men; Major Townsend, Northern Division of New York, Sixteenth District, 1,593 men.)


WAR DEPT., PROV. March GENERAL'S OFFICE, Numbers 37. Washington, D. C., July 2, 1863.

All men who have been enrolled under the provision of the act of Congress approved March 3, 1863, known as the enrollment act, and who may voluntarily enlist in the service of the United States for three years or the war will, in determining and assigning quotas of troops to be drafted from the respective States and districts, be credited only to the districts in which they have been enrolled under the act referred to.

In future blank muster-in rolls will contain an additional column, to show where each men whose name appears on the roll was enrolled under the enrollment act.