War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0462 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Washington, D. C., July 1, 1863.

His Excellency JOHN A. ANDREW,

Governor of Massachusetts, Boston, Mass.:

SIR: Orders have this day been sent to the Board of Enrollment in the Third District of Massachusetts to made a draft for that district for 3,072 men of the first class.

It is deemed important not to invite public discussion as to operations under the enrollment act, but it is proper that I should advise you of such steps taken under it as may bear upon your State. The records from which calculations were made, as well as the calculations themselves in determining the quota, are on file in this office. They are impartial and claimed to be entirely correct; but it an error should be discovered or pointed out in them it will be duly corrected in the next subsequent draft. I beg that you will do all in your power to enable the officers acting under me to complete the draft promptly, effectually, fairly, and successfully.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Provost Marshal-General.

(Official copy furnished Governor Andrew, July 6, including First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh District, for a draft of 1,954, 2,798, 1,851 1,806, and 1,775 men, respectively. Similar letter sent to Governor Coburn, Maine, ordering draft for 1,762 men from Second District; July 7 and 10 for 2,458 and 2,422 men form First and Third District, respectively, and July 21, Fifth District, 2,587 men; also July 30, to Governor Cannon, Delaware, for 1,636 men; also to Governor Coburn, July 30, for 2,190 men from Fifth District, and July 31, 1,955 men from Fourth District. Similar letters sent to the following named Governors of States, making the alterations in regard to districts and number of men as stated, &c: Governor Seymour, New York, Thirtieth District, 2,539; Governor Seymour, July 6, including the Eighth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Twenty-sixth District, for a draft of 5,043, 2,620, and 2,252 men, respectively; Governor Curtin, Pennsylvania, Third District, 2,678 men; Governor Smith, Rhode Island, First and Second District, respectively, 1,980 and 900 men; Governor Buckingham, Connecticut, First and Third District, respectively, 2,162 and 1,592; Governor Halbrook, Vermont, First District, 1,505 men.)


Washington, D. C., July 1, 1863.

Brigadier General T. G. PITCHER, U. S. Volunteers,

Actg. Asst. Prov. March General for Vermont, Montpelier, Vt.:

SIR: I inclose herewith letter to the Board of Enrolment of First District of Vermont directing that a draft be made in that district for 1,505 mn. Please forward it at once.

You will by yourself and by your inspectors give personal supervision to the draft in the different districts under your charge. You will see that the Board make the draft immediately upon being order to do so, and that the drafted men are notified with the least possible delay to appear at district headquarters.