War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0427 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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months. It is far preferable to do so. The enrollment in your State having been completed a draft will be ordered soon. You will be credited with every three-years" volunteer you may put into U. S. service up to the day the drafted men are enrolled, and if your quota should be made up entirely, the drafted men, if called out, will be discharged.

J. B. FRY,



Washington, June 30, 1863.

The aides-de-camp and other staff officers attached to general officers not now exercising a command will, if company officers, forthwith proceed to join their regiments. If general staff officers or additional aides-de-camp they will immediately report by letter to the Adjutant-General for assignment to duty.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Washington, June 30, 1863.

I. Section 13 of the act approved March 3, 1863, "for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for other purposes," is as follows:

SEC. 13. And be it further enacted, That any person drafted and notified to appear as aforesaid may, on or before the day fixed for his appearance, furnish an acceptable substitute to take his place in the draft, or he may pay to such person as the Secretary of War may authorize to receive it, such sum, not exceeding three hundred dollars, as the Secretary may determine, for the procuration of such substitute, which sum shall be fixed at a uniform rate by a general order made at the time of ordering a draft for any State or Territory; and thereupon such person so furnishing the substitute, or paying the money, shall be discharged from further liability under that draft. And any person failing to report after due service of notice as herein prescribed, without furnishing a substitute, or paying the required sum therefor, shall be deemed a deserter, and shall be arrested by the provost-marshal and sent to the nearest military post for trial by court-martial, unless, upon proper showing that he is not liable to do military duty, the Board of Enrollment shall relieve him from the draft.

It is hereby announced that the amount to be paid, in accordance with the foregoing section of the enrollment act, by any person who may be drafted, in order to secure exemption from service, has been fixed by the Secretary of War at $ 300.

II. The commissioner of internal revenue in each Congressional district has been authorized by the Secretary of War and directed by the Secretary of the Treasury to receive from drafted persons, who desire to pay it for the purpose of exemption, the money above specified. On receipt of this sum the collector of internal revenue shall give the drafted person paying it duplicate receipts. One copy of these receipts shall be delivered to the Board of Enrollment on or before the day the drafted person is required to report for duty; and when so delivered to the Board, the drafted person shall be furnished by the Board with a certificate of exemption (Form 31, Regulations of Provost- Marshal-General's Bureau), stating that the person is discharged from further liability under that draft by reason of having paid the sum of $ 300.