War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0425 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Fifth. In selecting officers the selections will necessarily have to be made from two classes, viz: First, those honorably discharged "by expiration of service" of the organization with which they served; second, those honorably discharged by resignation or otherwise prior to "expiration of service" of their organization. The selections from the first class can be made by you without reference to this Department, in accordance with your usual rules. In selecting from the second the approval of the War Department will be necessary. To this end you will please submit to the Adjutant-General of the Army, for the action of the War Department, the names of such officers as you may select from this class. In doing this you will first assure yourself that they were honorably discharged, and if the discharge was on account of physical disability a certificate from the surgeon-general of your State, to the effect that the applicant has fully recovered and is able to undergo the fatigues of a campaign, must accompany the application to reappointment. The report received, you will be authorized to recommission, provided the records of the War Department show that the military history of the officer will justify it.

Sixth. Re-enlistments under paragraphs VIII and IX will be conducted under the immediate orders of the War Department, through the Adjutant-General of the Army. These orders will be communicated to the generals commanding armies and departments, and the re-enlistments and consequent remusters will be under the supervision of the commissaries and assistant commissaries of musters for the army or department.

I have the honor, & c.,



(Similar letter, Junee 29, to Governor of Pennsylvania, for five regiments infantry, one regiment cavalry, one battery artillery; to Governor of Maine, for three regiments infantry, one battery artillery; to Governor of Massachusetts, for four regiments infantry, three batteries artillery. June 30, to Governor of New Jersey, three regiments infantry, two batteries artillery; to Governor of Connecticut, two regiments infantry, one battery artillery. July 2, to Governor of Vermont, two regiments infantry, one battery artillery. July 1, to Governor of New Hampshire, one regiment infantry; to Governor of Rhode Island, one regiment infantry. August 10, to Governor of Wisconsin, one regiment infantry.)


Elmira, N. Y., June 29, 1863.

Colonel JAMES B. FRY,


SIR: It has been suggested to me by the provost-marshal of the district bordering upon Canada, and the majority of those under my supervision are thus situated, that unless the communications between these districts and Canada are in some way guarded there will be a great accession to her Britannic Majesty's subjects about the time of the draft. I have no doubt those suggestions are worthy your consideration. Canada is now the asylum of more than half the men that have deserted from the volunteers from this State, and if our