War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0424 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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I do not feel easy in mind about those regiments, left as they are now jointly to the command of the senior colonels. Higginson, the senior colonel of the brigade, although a brave and chivalrous gentleman of high culture, has never seen much service, and never any in the field until he went to South Carolina. Montgomery, the next in rank, undoubtedly a valuable man and very useful as a good bushwhacker, is hardly a competent brigadier.

For the sake of the reputation of the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts, Colonel Shaw, which is in all respects once of the very best regiments this State has put in the field, I beg for a brigade commander over it who shall not by his own deficiency peril the reputation of the troops who are under his orders.

I am, faithfully and obediently, yours,


Although General Barlow is now in command of a white brigade, yet I know that he would cheerfully obey an order placing him over black troops; and next to Brigadier-General Wild I know no brigadier better fitted to take charge of them.

J. A. A.


Washington, June 29, 1863.


Albany, N. Y.:

SIR: Under General Ordres, Numbers 191, current series, from the War Department, you are hereby authorized to raise twelve regiments veteran volunteer infantry, two regiments veteran volunteer cavalry, and six batteries veteran volunteer artillery.

In addition to the requirements of the general order cited the following instructions will govern:

First. Under paragraph III of the orders all men before they can re-enter the service must produce an Honorable discharge from the service of the usual form.

Second. Under paragraph IV of the orders the advance pay, first installments of bounty, and premium will be paid as directed in General Orders, Numbers 163, current series, from the Adjutant- General's Office. The additional installments of bounty will be paid under the regulations of the Pay Department by paymasters when they make the periodical payments of the troops. The final installments, as remainder of the bounty, will be paid on the muster-out rolls at the expiration of the term.

Third. All volunteers who enlist for regiments in the field will be provided for and forwarded to their commands by the superintendent of the volunteer recruiting service for the State in the same manner as recruits sent heretofore.

Fourth. For such new organizations as you may raise the requirements of General Orders, Numbers 75, of 1862, will govern. If you conclude to reorganize regiments or companies, the officers of the regiments or companies will act as recruiting officers. Should they reorganize their commands within the period of sixty days they will be paid according to their rand on the muster and pay-rolls of their regiments and companies; should they fail, the requirements of section 2, paragraph I, General Orders, Numbers 75, of 1862, will be applied to them. In other respects the requirements of General Orders, Numbers 75, will govern the recruitment.