War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0421 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Washington, D. C., June 27, 1863.

Captain C. TOWER,

Provost-Marshal, Pottsville, Pa.:

Your action in case of Gane is correct. I will write to-morrow or next day. The court cannot be permitted to override the laws of the United States. You beg me to show, and beg that you may show, the power of the United States, and make vigorous demonstrations, and that you will then enforce the enrollment. Vigorous measures are what I urge upon you, and for this purpose have sent you a military force that seems adequate to all the wants that have yet shown themselves. I want you to use it vigorously, but use it to put down opposition and not create it, and to be sure that all against whom you adopt vigorous measures are clearly in the wrong. The more vigor you show in prosecuting the enrollment the better it will be.



[JUNE 27, 1863. - For correspondence relating to raising troops in Pennsylvania, see Curtin to Lincoln; Cameron to Lincoln, Stanton to Couch; Stanton to Brooks; Stanton to Crosman; Stanton to Curtin; Stanton to Cameron; Series I, Vol. XXVII, Part III, pp. 363 - 365.]

[JUNE 27, 1863. - For Stanton to Coburn, authorizing the organization of a company of volunteers to guard prisoners of war at Fort Preble, Me., see Series I, Vol. XXVII, Part III, p. 368.]

PROVIDENCE, June 27, 1863.


President of the United States:

Great anxiety is felt here on account of the unprotected condition of Narragansett Bay. There is nothing to prevent a rebel incursion through the west passage, exposing to destruction this city, Fall River, and other towns on the bay.

I respectfully request immediate authority to construct, arm, and man suitable earth-works at expense of the Federal Government, and that the plans understood to be in the War Department for such works be furnished without delay; also authority to cause all vessels to be brought to and inspected before entering the bay.


Governor of Rhode Island.


Washington, D. C., June 28, 1863.


Act. Asst. Prov. March General of Indiana, Indianapolis, Ind.:

COLONEL: Your management of the affairs in this Bureau in Indiana has been marked by such vigilance and good judgment that I hardly deem it necessary to make a suggestion to you. I infer, however,