War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0412 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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4. And when he shall have so enlisted and reported to the provost-marshal for duty the Board shall give the person who has furnished the substitute a certificate of exemption (according to Form 31, in Regulations for the Government of the Bureau of the Provost-Marshal-General) setting forth that the person is "not properly subject to do military duty during the time for which he was drafted * * * by reason of "having furnished an acceptable substitute.""

5. Every substitute who shall have enlisted and reported to the provost-marshal shall be held subject to all pains and penalties for desertion or other offenses in the same manner as other soldiers, and the person who has furnished the substitute shall not be responsible for the acts of the substitute committed after he shall have enlisted and reported to the provost-marshal for duty, as required in the preceding paragraph.

6. The Board of Enrollment will give public notice after a draft has been made that they will, between such hours on every day, up to the time when the drafted men are ordered to report at a rendezvous, hear propositions for substitutes and examine persons so offering.

7. All persons who may be drafted and who desire to present substitutes shall give notice in writing to the Board of Enrollment that on such a day they will present a substitute, giving his name, residence, age, and stating whether he is an alien or citizen.

8. The Board of Enrollment shall make the enlistment papers of substitutes in triplicate, of which one shall be forwarded to the Provost-Marshal-General, one to the Adjutant-General of the Army, and the other retained among the records of the Enrolling Board.

9. Substitutes, after being enlisted, are to be considered as in all respects on the same footing with other soldiers, receiving the same bounties, pay, and allowances, and amenable to the same regulations and discipline.

10. After all the substitutes have been accepted and enlisted in a district the Board of Enrollment will render a statement (according to Form A) to the Provost-Marshal-General.




Hartford, Conn., June 24, 1863.

Colonel JAMES B. FRY,

Provost-Marshal-General, Washington, D. C.:

SIR: It has come to my knowledge that a considerable number of persons liable to draft in the several districts of this State have left their residences or places of labor and gone to unknown parts with the intention of avoiding the draft.

In the town of Simsbury, First Congressional District, a farming locality, many laborers have left - in some instances the farmers having lost all their help, and in others a half or more.

In some of the manufacturing towns also many persons have decamped. A few days since a loyal manufacturing firm in New Britain, First District, employing about eighty men, were so well satisfied that their employes, or a large portion of them, were intending to leave the district on being paid off, that they declined paying them at that time, hoping by delay to be able to hold them until they had discharged their duty to the Government.