War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0397 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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successfully accomplished the object for which they were sent. They remained there until the enrollment of the county was completed. The expedition consisted of one full company of infantry, and was sent because one of the enrolling officers had been captured and his enrollment lists taken from him. He was not able to identify the persons who committed the outrage, but several desperadoes absconded before the military arrived, and are believed to have been engaged in it. They were doubtless encouraged by others who remainder in the background.

The provost-marshal of the Ninth District, Captain W. W. Wallace, was with the expedition, and was met by leading men of the county belonging to the disaffected party, who stated that all the trouble grew out of the fact that the enrolling officer was obnoxious to the people, and if another person was appointed there would be no trouble.

Captain Wallace very properly told them that if there was any reasonable objections to the officer and they had quietly made them known to the Board of Enrollment before any resistance had been offered, the objections would have been considered; but as the officer had been resisted without making any application to the Board for his removal, the enrollment must now be completed by the same officer who had commenced it, and it was thus made.

I have just received a telegram from Captain Thompson, of the Seventeenth District, saying that Voorhees is in Sullivan County exerting himself with his party friends in favor of a peaceful enrollment of the county, and that the prospect now is that it will be accomplished. I procured a small cavalry force from General Willcox this evening and sent it with the provost-marshal of the Fourth District to another township of Rush County, in which the enrolling officer had received formal notice not to proceed with the enrollment.

The provost-marshal has instructions to protect the officers and makign the enrollment and arrest the parties who gave the notice.

I think the prospect now is that the enrollment will be completed throughout the State without a serious conflict, but I shall not be at all surprised if when the draft comes to be made there should be such opposition as will require a resort to extreme measures. I think preparation should be made for such a contingency.

I have the honor, colonel, to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel and Actg. Asst. Prov. March General for Indiana.



La Porte, June 22, 1863.


Acting Assistant Provost-Marshal-General:

SIR: I received your telegraph dispatch afternoon June 13, instructing me to repair to Logansport at once. It being Saturday evening when the order was received, I could not reach Logansport sooner than Monday morning.

I arrived at Logansport on Monday morning and met Captain J. H. Farquhar and Captain --- McArthur and his command. Captain Farquhar and myself reached Rochester, Fulton County, on Monday night, June 15. We had a consultation with some of the leading