War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0395 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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[JUNE 20, 1863.- For correspondence relating to raising troops in Pennsylvania, see Stanton to Wright and Scott; Wright and Scott to Stanton; Stanton to Couch; Stanton to Wright and Scott; Stanton to Couch; Couch to Stanton; Brooks to Stanton; Stanton to Brooks, Series I, Vol. XXVII, Part III, pp. 239-241.]


Washington City, D. C., June 20, 1863.

Governor CURTIN, Harrisburg:

If authority shall be given to Mr. Cummings to raise a regiment of cavalry it will be restricted as to time and territorial limits and a copy of the authority will be forwarded to you.


Secretary of War.

[JUNE 20, 1863.- For Wallace to Green, reporting affairs in Holmes County, Ohio, &c., see Series I, Vol. XXIII, Part I, p. 395.]

HARRISBURG, June 20, 1863.

(Received 10.20 a. m.)

Honorable E. M. STANTON:

In order to get men mustered into service we dee m it absolutely necessary that they be received in any number presented for a company when they exceed the number presented on the militia laws of Pennsylvania. Please authorize Major-General Couch to receive them and require mustering officers here to carry out promptly all orders the general may give without referring the case to Washington. If you understood the difficulties that exist here to get men sworn in, we are satisfied you would direct the general to assume any responsibility and sustain him in his action. We send you this without the knowledge of the authorities here, and believe it essential to the organizations of forces.*




Milwaukee, June 20, 1863.

Colonel J. B. FRY,

Provost-Marshal-General, Washington:

COLONEL: Your letter of the 16th instant is received. I learn from it for the first time that "the enrollment in Milwaukee had been actually abandoned and a resort had to the poll lists," &c. No such statement has ever been made to me, nor does it accord with my knowledge of the facts. The enrollment in Milwaukee was completed some days since, strictly according to law, and by the aid of the municipal police force alone. I was satisfied from the beginning that this could be done, and therefore declined to supply the requisition of the provost-marshal for troops until it was at least tried. I stated to the General-in-Chief some time since that the appointments of


*For reply, see 10.30 a. m., Series I, Vol. XXVII, Part III, p. 239.