War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0392 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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CINCINNATI, June 20, 1863.

General WILLCOX,

Indianapolis, Ind.:

I am clearly of the opinion that martial law should be declared in Sullivan County, and unless special reasons to the contrary exist, shall declare it. Take no action without hearing from me. I do not like advisers of the stamp of Mr. Moorhees. Peace measures may be kept up too long. Compromising with traitors in arms is not a good policy, particularly in the beginning of trouble. Do not leave Indiana for the present.



INDIANAPOLIS, IND., June 20, 1863-7.30 p. m.


I think there are reasons enough against declaring martial law at present in Sullivan County. The coroner held an inquest over the man who was killed, and the murderer could not be found; yet it was thought to be a deserter. Let us wait until Monday or Tuesday to see whether the enrollment can be peaceably finished.

The facts are difficult to get at. Do not understand me to advise with Voorhees, but he undertakes to influence the citizens to submit to the laws, the arrest of the murderers, deserters, &c. The people who threaten to resist are ignorant and irresponsible, and it is claimed are not countenanced by the respectable, even Democrats.





Indianapolis, June 20, 1863.

Colonel JAMES B. FRY,


SIR: I have the honor to inclose you a copy of a communication received from Captain R. W. Thompson, provost-marshal Seventh District, relative to affairs in Sullivan County. I have conferred fully with General Willcox, commanding this district. He had an interview with Honorable Daniel Voorhees, who represents the Seventh District in Congress. Voorhees professes to greatly desire to avoid the effusion of blood, and pledged himself to go immediately to Sullivan County (seeing Captain R. W. Thompson, provost-marshal, on the way) and exert all the influence he possesses to secure the peaceable enrollment of that county. If Voorhees faithfully keeps his promise I have no doubt the enrollment will be made without disturbance.

In the meantime General Willcox is preparing to send a force (if this arrangement fails) that will be sufficient to vindicate the authority of the Government.

At my request of Honorable Caleb B. Smith, judge of U. S. district court for this district, has reconvened the grand jury to indict persons arrested for obstructing enrollment. The Boone County offenders had a hearing which commenced on Thursday and ended yesterday, and resulted in nearly all of them being recognized to answer indictments. The district attorney was engaged in court and could not attend to the preliminary examination, and as the defendants were