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enrolling officer of Dunkard Township, Greene County, and the suspension of enrollment therein. I at once went to Pittsburg and made requisition for twenty-three men under command of a competent officer, which the commander of the post, Captain Churchill, promptly furnished; and that afternoon I proceeded, accompanied by the military force under command of Captain Hays, to Greensborough, on the Monongahela River, in Greene County. When we left the steam-boat and proceeded to Davistown, in Dunkard Township, I took every precaution to prevent notice of my movement from preceding me, but the slow progress men on foot could make rendered this unavailing, and the ringleaders of the resistance I found had fled. I ordered the enrolling officer to commence enrolling, which he did, and the first two men he attempted to enrol refused to give their names or ages. I at once arrested them and placed them under guard. The citizens of the place on learning of the arrests came forward voluntarily and gave their names, and in a short time the village, a small place, was all enrolled.

I remainder there that night hoping to arrest the men who had created the trouble, but was unsuccessful. The next day I procured transportation to Waynesburg, eighteen miles, and on the following day, about dark, took a party back to Davistown, where I arrived about midnight and surrounded the houses of the leaders of the resistance, but found them still absent - said to have gone to Virginia. The backs of the difficulty are these: No enrolling officer could be obtained in the township and a citizen of another had to be appointed. When he went into the township he spent a whole day without obtaining a name, and toward evening he entered a store in Davistown where there [were] a number of men, increased soon after his entrance, who gave him three minutes to leave the township or they would hand him, getting a rope for the purpose. He accordingly left. The two prisoners arrested had a writ of habeas corpus issued for their release. Judge Lindsey of this district decided that refusal to give name or age was obstructing an officer, and the arrests were properly made. I arrested five deserters or made the leading citizens of the county irrespective of party, Judge Lindsey, J. A. Buchanan, and other leaders. War Democrats informed me that the promptness with which a military force had been brought upon the ground of resistance had been attended with the happiest results, and that no further trouble need be anticipated. I cannot refrain from commending the zeal shown by Captain Churchill, commander of the post of Pittsburg, and Captain Wright, provost-marshal of the same, in furthering my wishes with such promptitude to crush out resistance to the law. Captain Hays deserves commendation for the earnest manner in which he discharged his duties while under my command.

Very respectfully, yours,


Provost-Marshal Twenty-Fourth District of Pennsylvania.

CHAMBERSBURG, June 12, 1863.

Colonel J. B. FRY:

SIR: Although advised by the commandant at Carlisle on the 8th instant that a cavalry force of sixty men could be spared for service in this district, upon my telegraphing yesterday that the detachment should proceed to the scene of disturbance I was advised no troops