War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0350 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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arrested and turned over to the U. S. attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, and a small force of men sent to go with the enrolling officer through the disaffected district for his protection; that in Crawford County, of the Ninth District, the enrolling officers were mobbed, and a company from Johnson's Island has been sent to the district marshal to make arrests, &c.; that in Holmes County, of the Fourteenth District, four persons arrested for assaulting the enrolling officers were violently rescued from the hands of the marshal by an armed body of about seventy men; that in Knox County, of the Thirteenth District, the enrolling officer of one township was threatened to the extent that he was obliged to resign, and that a squad has been sent to accompany his successor through the township.

It will be seen by reference to the map that all these form a contiguous territory of which Mansfield is the center, and I have thought it best to send a force of 150 men to that point to remain until the enrollment shall be finished, believing that the near presence of troops may deter any outbreak.

I have also instructed the marshals of these different districts, if it becomes necessary, to call the commandant of this force for troops to protect their agents in making the enrollment, but to attempt no arrests unless for open resistance.

These troubles will undoubtedly delay the completion of the enrollment.

I have reports from all but four districts, and as soon as these are received will formally report the result as to the anticipated completion of the enrollment.

So far it runs from the 20th instant to the 1st proximo.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Ohio Volunteers and A. A. P. M. G. for Ohio.

[JUNE 12, 1863.-For proclamation of Governor Curtin, of Pennsylvania, calling for troops, see Series I, Vol. XXVII, Part III. p. 79. For correspondence relating to organization of troops and other affairs in the Departments of the Monongahela and the Susquehanna, see Curtin to Stanton; Stanton to Couch; Stanton to Curtin; Brooks to Stanton, Series I, Vol. XXVII, Part III, pp. 76-77.]


Washington, June 12, 1863.


Harrisburg, Pa.:

SIR: I have respectfully to acknowledge the receipt of your telegram of yesterday in reference to your State receiving credit for such colored troops from the State as may be enlisted.

In reply I have to inform you that the State will receive credit for all enlistments of colored men who may be mustered into the U. S. service as Pennsylvania troops under the authority of the War Department. No credit can be allowed for individuals who leave the State and are mustered into organizations elsewhere. All such will be credited to the State to which the organizations may belong.

I am, sir, &c.,

J. B. FRY,