War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 0345 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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age of twenty-one years. With regard to students of law, of medicine, and divinity, the law makes, indeed, no exemption; they are drafted like all other young men, but as soon as they are drafted they get also furlough for an indefinite time. Their names, indeed, appear on the list of the company into which they have been ranged, but always as on furlough, till they have finished their education and become lawyers, or physicians, or clergymen, and then they are entirely free from service. Thus the law is satisfied and these young men are not interrupted in their studies, for in Germany it takes twelve years ere a young man can become a lawyer, or doctor, or clergyman. Now, there is nothing in the world to prevent you from giving furloughs to a soldier. If there should be no other legal way to exempt my people from draft they could, after the draft, again be dismissed with furlough for an indefinite time, i. e., in fact for the time till the law will be amended; for a long time the drafting of the clergy will at any rate not do.

Excuse my liberty in making these suggestions. I will not be intrusive in no way. I am well aware that this matter is of a delicate nature and that serious interests are concerned. But it is a point of life or death for the religious community which is trusted to my care, and I would fail to my duty would I not do everything in my power to guard their interests.

We are and always have been loyal citizens. I believe it would be too hard if we should not enjoy all the privileges which other good citizens share.

I remain, with the sincerest regards, Young Excellency's most obedient servant,


Abbot of Saint Vincent, Westmoreland County, Pa.



Washington, D. C., June 12, 1863.

I. The " designated rendezvous" at which all persons drafted into the service of the United States are required to report, under section 12 of the "Act for enrolling and calling out the national forces," shall be the headquarters of the provost-marshal's district in which they shall have been drawn in the draft.

II. Provost-marshals shall arrest and send to the nearest military post all stragglers from the Army: men who may have left their commands, sick or with leave, and whose authority to be absent has expired, though they may not have left with the intention of deserting.

They will be furnished with transportation and reported on the provost-marshal's monthly and tri-monthly returns in the same manner as deserters, but with proper explanatory remarks in each case.

III. The monthly pay of members of the Board of Enrollment is as follows:

Pay Servant Clothin Subsist Subsist Total.

proper. . g for ence. ence

servant for

. servant


Provos $70.00 $12.00 $2.50 $36.00 $9.00 $129.50




Surgeon 53.33 12.00 2.50 36.00 9.00 112.83